How to Replace Ink Cartridges in an HP 5610 All-In-One Printer

By Heather Mark

  • Overview

    At some point, your HP 5610 All-In-One machine will need fresh ink. Changing out the ink cartridges is easy, but if done improperly, the print carriage can be damaged. Here's a step-by-step guide to changing the print cartridges safely.
    • Step 1

      Turn your HP All-In-One printer. When the power is turned off, the printer will not release the used cartridges. Forcing the old cartridges out will damage the printer.
    • Step 2

      Pull the print-carriage access door forward to open. The print cartridge will automatically move to the right side of the All-In-One. When the machine goes silent, you'll know the print-carriage is done positioning itself.

    • Step 3

      Press down on the old print cartridge to release it. The color cartridge is docked in the slot on the left, the black or photo cartridge is docked in the slot on the right. Pull the cartridge toward you. If you're switching out the black cartridge for the photo cartridge (or vice versa), store the unused cartridge in cartridge protector that came with the All-In-One. If you don't have one, make sure the copper colored contacts and ink nozzles are protected.
    • Step 4

      Take the new print cartridge out of its packaging. Pull the pink pull tab to remove the plastic from the ink nozzles and copper-colored contacts, being careful not to touch them.
    • Step 5

      Place the new print cartridge into the slot and push it until it clicks into place, then close the print cartridge access door.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: HP offers recycling for old print cartridges (see Resources below).

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