How to Replace Ink Cartridges in an HP Printer

By Jason Gordon

  • Overview

    HP Printers come in many shapes and sizes. Some only print. Some print, copy, fax, and scan. Some are specialized for photo printing. Depending on your printer model, the ink cartridge may differ. The steps below will help you replace ink cartridges in current, typical HP inkjet printers. If they don't match up with your printer, visit the HP support site (see Resources) to find your model.
    HP 901 Black Print Cartridge
    • Step 1

      Turn on the printer. Open the hatch or lid. The ink cartridges should move into view.
    • Step 2

      Remove the old ink cartridges by carefully pulling them out. Some cartridges may be contained in a cartridge carrier. Press down on the lid to release and then remove the cartridges. Send them back to HP for recycling (see Resources).

    • Step 3

      Remove the plastic tape covering the new ink cartridges' contact points. Be careful not to touch the contacts with your hands or clothes, which could cause printing issues.
    • Step 4

      Insert the cartridges into the appropriate slots. Black cartridges go in separate slot from color cartridges. They will click in when properly in place.
    • Step 5

      Close the hatch or lid. The HP printer software program will direct you to align the new cartridges. Follow the instructions. After alignment, print a test page to check if the new cartridges are working. To print a test page, you can print any document or click on printer properties and select "Print Test Page."
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    • Ingredients:
    • New HP or compatible print cartridges

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