How To Replace Your Pda's Batteries, And Buy The Right Kind

With all the electronic items that use rechargeable batteries, including PDAs, this guide will help consumers to know how to replace an inoperable battery pack.

There are a multitude of different types of PDAs on the market today. Even though they use rechargeable batteries, the battery packs will not last forever. Therefore, it is important for consumers to know how to remove and replace dead battery packs from their PDAs. Each brand of PDA is designed slightly different, but the same basic steps are required for battery replacement.

The only tool required is a micro screwdriver, the same size that is used to repair eyeglasses. As I stated before, all PDA brands are slightly different, but they have the same basic parts. I will refer to my Handspring Visor for demonstration purposes.

The first step is to remove all fasteners from the back of the dead PDA. After all fasteners have been removed, carefully remove the back cover. Ensure that you do not touch any of the exposed circuit boards. There is no danger of a shock to you, but you could possibly cause a static discharge that could irreparably damage any of the PDA's circuits. Towards the bottom, you will see the plastic coated battery pack. There is a small connector at the end of two wires coming out of the battery pack that must be disconnected before the battery pack can be removed. Also, some manufacturers use a mild adhesive to keep the battery pack in place. Changing the batteries in my Handspring Visor required some careful prying around the edge of the battery pack until it came free.

Once the battery pack is free of the PDA, write down all the information from the battery pack's label, if it has one. To facilitate an easy search for a replacement battery pack it will help if you know the battery pack type, voltage, part number, and type of PDA it is to be used in.

If you can find the battery pack's part number, there are many options for locating replacements. The most straight forward route would be to contact the manufacturer directly, although this could also be the most expensive method. If you are looking to save a few dollars, I would recommend doing an internet search for PDA batteries. There are tirades of internet only businesses that sell electronic parts at reduced or wholesale prices. You also can do a search on Ebay or any other auction site for used (but still working), remanufactured, or rebuilt battery packs. For those of us that need to get our PDAs working again as soon as possible, you can go to a local electronic store, such as Radio Shack or Batteries Plus.

If the battery pack was not labeled properly, it will be necessary to contact the manufacturer to acquire the necessary information. Most companies have a customer service department that can be found on the internet and contacted through email or by phone.

Once you have obtained the replacement battery pack, it is time to install it into your PDA. The first thing to do is to plug the battery pack's connector into the proper receptacle. Remember to be careful not to touch any of the exposed circuits. Once the battery pack is plugged in, insert the battery pack into position, and gently press down to help it stick to any remaining adhesive. Ensure the battery packs wires are tucked in along its side and not sticking out. This will keep the wires from becoming pinched and possible damaged while reinstalling the back cover plate. Now, reinstall the back cover and replace all the fasteners that you had previously removed.

After you have reassembled your PDA, it will be necessary to allow the new battery packs to charge overnight. This is due to the fact that rechargeable batteries normally do not come fully charged, if charged at all. Once your PDA is fully charged, you may then resume normal use.

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