Restaurants In Deer Isle, Maine

Restaurants in Deer Isle, Maine. Because of their close proximity to the ocean, restaurants in Deer Isle, Maine serve fresh seafood like lobster, codfish, and haddock. Most of the restaurants have a nice...

Most of the restaurants have a nice variety of food, because seafood is not for everybody. You can get just about anything here. You can't get a bad meal on this island. We have a lot of pretty fancy restaurants on the mainland in Blue Hill, which is about 20 minutes away, and then we have homespun, casual comfort food and good seafood. We have one restaurant that's a little bit more Mediterranean than the others, but there is a nice variety of food here. One of the main fishes here is haddock. Of course we also have lobster and other things. New England is most famous for its codfish, but that has started to deplete over the years because of over fishing. Atlantic seafood tastes different than what you'd get in the Gulf in Florida. We have five seafood businesses here on the island, so the restaurants get their seafood right out of the water. You can't get it any fresher than that. The prices of things like lobster depend on the size and season. We have hard shell and soft shell lobster, but I guess the average price for a lobster dinner is about $12. A pound to a pound and a half is about the average size. There's one place that charges $20, but it includes some other items. That's a pretty good price for a lobster dinner.

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