Resume And Cover Letter For Educators

Example of a cover letter and resume submitted to school districts for a teaching position.

Cover Letter

March 9, 2005

Dear Principal's Name Here:

I am glad that I had the opportunity to speak with you yesterday regarding the ESL position that is currently available. I am interested in this position for a variety of reasons. First of all, teaching ESL is my passion. It is the reason that I returned to school to obtain a teaching certificate, and later obtained a M.Ed. in the field. However, as I also have a special education certification, and a background working with students with emotional disturbances, I have found myself working in this area for several years now.

This semester, I began teaching ESL on a volunteer basis for Community Program. I now keenly remember what drove my original desire to pursue my studies in this field. I enjoy it so much, and am effective at what I do. Please feel free to contact the people at Community Project, as they are aware of my passion for teaching second language learners and have seen my teaching in action.

Part of my informal background also includes working within the Spanish-speaking community to assist them in their interactions with schools, the legal system and the medical system. I have a reference who can verify my work in this area. I am also a strong believer in parental involvement in the schools, and while obtaining my Master's, began to design a curriculum to teach non-English speaking parents how to more effectively interface with the school, with units designed around language competencies necessary to check in with a child's teacher, contact the attendance officer, and so on. If there is interest, this is something that I would like to continue to develop.

You can also see from my resume that I have been employed with ISD for the past three years in the capacity of a special education teacher. This has been valuable experience, as I now have a greater understanding of how to serve second language learners who also have other special educational issues.

I'm excited about this opportunity, and believe that the position and my experience will be a good match. I hope that we can discuss this position further soon. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Your Name Here


Name Address/Phone Number

Objective: To utilize my diverse set of teaching skills and creativity in an environment where I can have a positive impact on the lives of young people.

Education: 1990-1994 Your University City, State

(Put your major and minor here)

1994 B.A. in (Your major here)

1997 M.Ed. in Education (area of specialization here)

(Of course instead of the M.Ed., you may need to put the school through which you achieved your alternative certification, or not put anything at all if your undergraduate degree was in Education.)

Professional experience:

2002-2005 Your Local Independent School District City, State

Special Education Teacher

--Taught special education math classes at Local Middle School

--Provided teacher training and development for district on an as-needed basis

--Served as a liaison between the campus and the students' parents

--Taught after-school computer literacy course

1997-2002 Another School District City, State

ESL Teacher

--Taught intermediate and advanced ESL classes to 8th graders in this economically disadvantaged school district.

--Developed a buddy reading program for my school and a neighboring elementary school.

--Served as yearbook advisor.

--Formally recognized for my mentoring work with students.

1994-1997 Name of Relevant Employer City, State

Youth Counselor

--Worked with at-risk youth to set academic and vocational goals.

--Available as an on-call crisis counselor after-hours.

--Assisted students with outside problems that interfered with their educational goals.

Other Relevant Experience:

--Presented workshop at (insert professional organization here) conference on How to Teach Thematically with At-Risk Students. (2005)

--Work within my community as an advocate for immigrants, and help them communicate effectively with their children's schools.

--Volunteer teaching adults basic skills at the local public library once a week through Literacy Inc.

Special Skills:

--Am proficient in MS Word, Excel, Publisher, HTML and Dreamweaver MX.

--Bilingual in English/Spanish

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