Resume And Cover Letter Example: Electrician

Looking for a job as an electrician? See an example of a resume and cover letter and find out howto write your own with these tips and examples.

Many people are looking for a job nowadays. With companies downsizing their workforces, and even closing the doors, you never know when you might need a resume.

Or, maybe you have a relatively stable job -especially if you're skilled- but you want to find a better job that pays more money, offers benefits you don't have now, or is just located closer to home.

Whatever the case may be, before you start checking the want advertisements in your newspaper, you'll need to write up a resume and a cover letter.

It used to be that a cover letter was generally read by a hiring manager first. But, in today's fast paced society, the same managers take a minute to skim over each resume. Then, if one catches their eye, that is, it interests them to want to know more about you, then they'll read the cover letter to find out more.

Since a cover letter is a summation of your resume, you'll need to write up your resume first. In this example, you're an electrician who is looking for a job. You'll need to write your resume based on what your biggest asset is. Let's say, for example, that you don't have alot of education, but that you have a lot of experience, and that's how you've been learning the trade. Your biggest asset then, is experience. You'll write a resume that will read something like this:

Alec Trician

123 Main Street

Smithville, New York 78910

(555) 123-4567

[email protected]

Career Objective

To secure a position as an electrician in a stable environment where I can utilize my skills and advance.


I have had an active New York State Electrician's License since 2001.

Professional Experience

1999 to Present: 123 Construction, Drysdale, Arizona

Position: Journeyman Electrician

Duties: Installed the wiring for General Hospital in New York, New York during the phases of construction. Tested circuits, breakers, outlets and grounds, and maintained excellent standards of quality that met the local Codes and Regulations.

1995-1999: New York Power and Lighting, Brighton, New York

Position: Line Man

Duties: Installed, repaired, tested, and maintained electrical lines of various voltages.

1992-1995 Skylight Electric Company

Position: Apprentice Electrician

Duties: Assisted in installing, repairing, and testing electrical lines in residential and commercial buildings.


1990-1992 Albany School of Vocation, Albany, New York

Graduated Cum Laude from a two year vocational school.

Earned an Apprentice Electican's Certificate


Available upon request.

Your cover letter should then read something like this:

Alec Trician

123 Main Street

Smithville, New York 78910

(555) 123-4567

[email protected]

April 5, 2000

Mr. John Q. Boss

Hiring Manager

Waynesville Electric Cooperative

567 South Street

Wheeling, WV 98765

Dear Mr. Boss:

Please accept the enclosed resume as my application for employment. I saw your advertisement in the Weekly Newspaper for an electrician. I believe that my skills fit your job description. As you can see from my resume, I have several years experience in this field. I have also graduated with honors from the Albany School of Vocation.

I am relocating to the Wheeling area with my family in the next two weeks. Therefore, I am seeking a new position that is closer to home.

I am confidant that my education coupled with my extensive experience can be an asset to your company. I will be available for an interview at anytime that is convenient for you. Please feel free to contact me at ( (555) 123-4567, or online at [email protected]


(Your Signed Name)

Alec Trician

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