Resume And Cover Letter Example: Receptionist

Your resume could be your one chance to prove your abilities to potential employers. Follow the below example to ensure a good first impression.

Your resume gives you an opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers. No matter what job you are applying for, make sure to include many of the specific duties and accomplishments to paint a positive picture of your experiences.

In the following resume, John A. Doe is looking for a job as a receptionist. You'll notice that his qualifications are listed up front, not hidden beneath job descriptions. This type of resume is commonly known as a functional resume""its job is to list your most important qualifications up front and catch the employer's attention immediately. Although your reception job may be slightly different than John's, take his example and include impressive accomplishments or statistics that prove your abilities. Have you implemented any new procedures? How about increased productivity? If so, by how much?

Don't just assume that employers will understand your duties based on your job description. Although many receptionists don't have supervisory responsibilities, John is in charge of managing and training four employees. If he hadn't included this information, his employer wouldn't have ever known.


John A. Doe

111 Nowhere Street

Anywere, PA 00000

(123) 456 7890

[email protected]


Seeking a position as a receptionist in a department that rewards positive results, hard work, loyalty and dependability in a team environment.


*Enhanced management's productivity by organizing bi-monthly meetings to discuss accomplishments, issues and room for improvement.

*Redesigned all business forms, including time sheets, inventory sheets and appointment calendars to maximize effectiveness and clarity.

*Trained and managed four employees; performed human resource functions such as hiring, performance appraisals and corrective action; responsible for scheduling, resolving conflicts and determining salaries.


*Received phone calls, determined the nature of the calls and directed callers to the appropriate department.

* Successfully arranged appointments between clients and employees.

*Responsible for typing memos, reports and other correspondence.

*Took detailed messages for person called upon, including name, time of call and nature of business.

*Received and distributed mail and messages to appropriate departments and employees.

*Strong work ethic and superior interpersonal, customer service and communication skills.

*Excellent time management skills that allow for the multi-tasking of all responsibilities.


2003""present McDougal Associates Anywhere, PA


1998""2003 M & L Inc. Anywhere, PA



Anywhere High School, Anywhere, PA

High School Diploma, 1997

G.P.A. 3.3



John A. Doe

111 Nowhere Street

Anywere, PA 00000

(123) 456 7890

[email protected]

May 18, 2005

Frank D. Employer

Executive Manager

Owen Accountants

444 Main Street

Anywhere, PA 00000

Dear Mr. Employer:

I would like to explore the possibility of joining your organization based on my extensive experience as a receptionist. Enclosed is my resume showing my education, background and experience.

As a receptionist for McDougal Associates, I am responsible for answering the telephone, directing callers and booking appointments. In my first six months, I redesigned all business forms to maximize effectiveness and clarity. I am certain that my practical work experience would an immediate contribution to Owen Accounting.

Please call me at the telephone number listed above to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background in relation to your needs. I certainly look forward to exploring the opportunity further.


John A. Doe

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