Resume And Cover Letter Example: Technical Positions

A sample resume highlighting the techincal skills and knowledge of an electronics technician.

The following resume is a sample of a resume for an electronics technician, i.e., one who repairs and maintains electronic equipment. As such, it highlights the individual's use of various types of test equipment and meters. It also includes not only his formal education but also job-related training seminars.

In addition, it also mentions the skill level of the individual, i.e. component-level troubleshooting rather than just board-level troubleshooting skills.

Following the sample resume is a sample cover letter. You will notice that it does not repeat the information listed in the resume. Rather, it highlights the individual's job-related personal attributes, i.e. dependability, reliability, team player etc.

Since this is a sample resume, there are a couple of things that can be done on a specific resume that can't be done in this format.

For example, the sub-categories of the resume can be either capitalized and/or bolded. They can be offset in the margins with a tab indent underneath to highlight each specific area of the resume.

The judicious use of bolding can make certain items stand out. For example, if you possess a degree that is relevant to the job you are applying for you might want to bold that degree so that the reader's eye is drawn to it right away.

Also, if you have experience related to the job you are applying for you might want to bold the job title that you held.

Using bold, caps, and italics can add interest and highlights to your resume, but just be careful not to overuse them.

Resume Sample:

John W. Doe

P.O. Box 007

Anywhere, CO 80000

(719) 555-5555


A position as an Electronics Technician where acquired skills and experience will

be utilized toward the benefit of the organization.


* Skilled in circuit-level and component-level troubleshooting

* Ability to read and interpret electronic schematics and diagnostic manuals

* Utilization of a variety of test equipment including oscilloscopes, calibration units, ohm meters, capacitance checkers, etc.

* Excellent soldering and de-soldering skills

* Knowledge of both home and industrial electronics


Associate of Arts in Electronics Engineering - 1995

Portland State University, Portland, OR

Circuit-level Design and Troubleshooting - 2002

Fairchild Industries, Santa Clara, CA

Microsystems - Design and Integration - 2001

Sony Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA


2002-Present Fairchild Industries - Santa Clara, CA

Electronics Technician

Performed circuit and component level troubleshooting on diagnostic test equipment. Identified malfunctioning components and replaced as necessary. Utilized required test equipment to perform job responsibilities. Read and interpreted schematics and diagnostic manuals. Assisted engineering staff in troubleshooting and diagnosing problems with new product designs.

1995-2002 Sony Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA

Electronics Technician

Originally hired and a systems tester, quickly promoted to technician. Performed duties and responsibilities similar to those listed previously.


Excellent references and performance evaluations available upon request.

Cover Letter Sample:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am interested in applying for your recently advertised position of Electronics Technician. My resume is enclosed.

In addition to those skills and abilities highlighted in my resume, I have always received excellent job ratings on my reliability, dependability, the quality of work produced, and my ability to meet all established production goals. I have also received high commendations on my ability to work independently or as a fully enthusiastic team member.

I look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of working with your organization.

Sincerely, John W. Doenics

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