Where to Get Return Labels for Printer Cartridges to an Oki Printer?

By Tara Hornor

  • Overview

    Oki Data, the manufacturer of Oki printers, no longer offers the option of returning empty toner cartridges, but you still have some options for ordering new cartridges.
  • Only New Cartridges Available

    You can still order toner and have it shipped directly to you. Most toner ships in either cardboard boxes or plastic containers. In either case, you should consider recycling used toner cartridges. Oki Data has a website where you can order and a toll free phone number. A few retailers also carry toner, so you can check to see if they carry toner at your local store.
  • Ordering Online

    Go to the Oki Data website. The site offers a number of important resources, so take a few moments to see if Oki Data has released any driver or software updates for your model or Oki printer(s). You can use the site's search feature to search for "supplies" or find the link on the home page. The site will walk you through the process of identifying your model of printer before giving you the option to place an order.

  • Ordering by Phone

    Oki Data has a toll free phone number in the U.S. for all technical or ordering questions: 1-800-OKI-DATA Make sure to have your model number and/or account number in hand to expedite the ordering process.
  • Check with Retailers

    Both Costco and Staples carry the Oki line of printers. You can check with your store to see if they carry the toner locally. You may be able to save on shipping by having the local store order the toner for you and just picking up the toner at the store yourself. Most stores will not charge you for shipping in hopes you will come in and buy other products while you are in the store.
  • Get Model Number

    You need to know your model number before placing any orders or calling vendors. Most Oki printers have the model number on the front of the printer in plain sight, often near the "Print" button. If you are not clear on the model number from the front of your printer, you should be able to find it by looking on the back of the unit. Usually you can find a small metal plate with the model number printed on it near the where the power cord connects to the back of the printer.
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