Reviews Of The Best Drugstore Lipsticks

A review of the best lipsticks available at your local drugstore.

Review of the Best Drugstore Lipsticks

Gone are the days of your Grandmother's kisses imprinted on your cheek.Today's lipsticks are not only smudgeproof, but they can last up to 8 hours, contain sunscreen, and can even plump up your lips as if you just had collagen injections.So if you have wanted to have lips like Melanie or Angelina but don't have

the resources for cosmetic alterations, try some of these lipsticks available at your local drugstore.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick 1 set- cost is about $12.00.One set of LipFinity contains atube/ paint for lips and a moisturizing top coat.Shades range from Innocence to Spicy. First thing, apply the lip paint in an even layer to clean dry lips. After waiting about a minute, so that the paint is completely dry, top with the moisturizing top coat. You can reapply the top coat as often as you like during the day.There is no need to reapply they lip paint.It will last all day and must be removed with an oil based makeup remover, Vaseline, or baby oil.

Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Plumping Lip Fragrance Gloss 1 ea- cost is about $25.00.These lipsticks actually plump up your lips. Shades are: Luscious, Bunny, Creamy, Sunny, Juicy, and Dreamy.

Dessert Beauty Pillow Talk, Six Deliciously Smoochable Favorites 1 set- cost is about $45.00. Six delicious flavors: Creamy, which is a combination of vanilla and caramel; Juicy, a blend of berries; Dreamy- a chocolate coconut treat; Luscious- a creamy butter delight;Slip -candied cherry; and Slide- rich caramel creaminess. All six flavors will plump your lips.

Burt's Bees Lipstick with Vitamin E and Comfrey- cost is about $10.00.Shades range from Sorbet-Mulberry.These lipsticks are 100% Natural and not tested on animals.They don't contain metallics usually found in most lipsticks.With ingredients such as Sunflower Oil; Coconut Oil; beeswax; Peppermint Oil, and Rosemary extract you can feel natural and beautiful using Burt's Bees lipsticks.

Revlon SuperLustrousCreme Lipstick- cost is about $7.00. This comes in more classic shades like "Love that Pink", "Certainly Red", "Cherries in the snow", and "Toast of New York".These are your classic lipsticks.

Neutrogena Lipcolor, SPF 20- cost is about $7.00. They have a wide variety of shades including the "sheer" collection. These lipsticks have a SPF of 20 that protects against sunburn. With Aloe, Glycerin, and Retinol your lips will feel moisturized as well.

Philosophy the supernatural tint lips & cheek tint 0.22 fl oz- costs roughly $15.00.This is a nice change. It is a tint for your lips and cheeks.Many women have discovered this secret, applying some of their lipsticks to their cheeks to double as blush.Well, Philosophy has combined the two products into one tint. They come in two shades, Super Neutral and Supernatural.They will not rub off and provide natural looking coverage.

Now, remember our old-fashioned lipsticks.The kind that doesn't plump or protect from sunburns, just good ole plain lipsticks!Here are some current varieties available in your drugstore, which won't do anything but add color to your lips, and yes, will leave a kiss mark on anything your lips come in contact with.

Revlon SuperLustrous - Frost Lipstick- cost is about $7.00.These are shades of frost colors such as Silver City Pink, Softsilver Rose, Softsilver Red, and Deep Nude.

Revlon Moon DropsFrost Moisture Frost Lipstick- cost is about $9.00.Shades range from 24K Orange to Poppysilk Red.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipcolour- cost is roughly $8.00.With plenty of shades to choose you are sure to find a color just for you.

The times have changed and so have our lipsticks, but you don't have to rush off to the plastic surgeons to get the lips you want, chances are they are waiting for you at your local drugstore.

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