Who Was Richard Nixon?

A look at the life of former President Richard Milhous Nixon.

Richard M. Nixon was born in California in 1913. He had a brilliant record at Whitter College as well as Duke University Law School before beginning his practice in law. In the year of 1940, Nixon married Patricia Ryan. They had 2 daughters together, Patricia(Tricia) and Julie. He served as a Navy lieutenant commandeer in the Pacific

during W.W.II. On leaving the service, Nixon was elected to Congress from his California district. In 1950 he won a Senate seat. Two years later, General Eisenhower sleeted Nixon to be his running mate. At that time Nixon was 39.

As Vice President, major duties over-took Nixon in the Eisenhower Administration. In the year of 1960, he was nominated for President. He lost by a small margin to John F. Kennedy. In 1968 he again won his parties nomination and went on to defeat Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and third candidate George C. Wallace.

Nixon had several accomplishments while in office. Some of which include revenue sharing, the end of the draft, new anticrime laws, and a broad environmental program. He had promised to appoint Justices of conservative philosophy to the Supreme Court and he

did so. One of the most dramatic events of his presidency occurred in 1969 when American astronauts made the first moon landing. Some of Nixon's most acclaimed achievements came in high quest for world stability. He made visits to Beijing and Moscow in 1972 and reduced tensions with China and the U.S.S.R. His summit meetings with Russian leader Leonid L. Brezhnev produced a treaty to limit strategic nuclear weapons.

Within a few months, his administration was embattled over the so-called "Watergate" scandal, stemming from a break-in at the offices of the Democratic National Committee during the 1972 campaign. The break in was then traced to officials of the Committee to Re-elect the President. A number of administration officials them resigned.

Faced with what seemed certain impeachment, Nixon resigned on August 9th, 1974. He was quoted saying " that process of healing which is so desperately needed in America."

In Nixon's last years he gained praise as an elder statesman. By the time of his death on April 22, 1994, he had written numerous books on his experience in the public life and on foreign policy as well. Although President Nixon so deeply hated the press, he had the White House swimming pool filled in to give reporters more room when covering White House events.

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