How To Get Rid Of Gas Pains

Rid gas pains and find out how to avoid recurrance. This article understands your pain.

What causes gas pains?

Gas pains can be attributed to acid stomach, acidy foods, swallowing too much air, the other appearance of air pockets in the gastrointestinal system in general and various types of stress that produce an acidic reaction. The build up of air or gasses applies pressure from within and thus pain. Gas pains can be relieved in several ways without the use of medicine. The secret is in attacking the same causes and existences of pain in a non-medicinal fashion.


There are exercises that will relieve the pain. One is called the duck walk. You simply crouch down bending at the waist and knees and then waddle like a duck. A few minutes of this should do the trick. Another exercise, often recommended for stretching out the spine as well, involves rolling forward and backward. To be more specific, you will need to sit with your knees wrapped into your chest and your arms wrapped around your shins. Starting from this position you will roll back and as your shoulders touch the ground extend your hands back to support you and roll all the way back onto your head and neck extending your body behind you. This stretches the spine as well. Now roll back to the original position. Perform this a few times. Obviously these maneuvers are not for everyone. For some, simply performing squats without weights will do the trick after sufficient repetitions. Bend at the waist and knees until your thighs are at least level with the ground or, better yet, as far down as possible. Raise yourself back up again and repeat. If exercise is not a convenient way for you to get relief from gas pain, don't worry. As you will see, there are other methods.


There are some foods that will calm gas pains. Try eating a bland diet to avoid acid stomach or have something from the following lists to relieve the annoyance of pressure that has occurred. Some of the best examples are creamed soups, tapioca pudding, and cooked or canned bananas, milk or apple juice. Most cooked fruits, cereals (other than that which is extremely coarse) and cooked vegetables (with the exception of lima skins or seeds, green peppers, parsnips, onions, corn, Brussels sprouts, any beans, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and any pizza or other Italian sauces or items which are high in acidity - no raw vegetables) are also good choices. Have potatoes baked without the skin or mashed, boiled, scalloped or creamed. You can have eggs if poached, scrambled or cooked soft. Many meats not seasoned nor fried including lamb, fish, chicken, liver, turkey, salmon, veal, tuna and tender beef are acceptable if broiled, baked or boiled.

Other dietary suggestions include avoidance of overeating, taking plenty of water for proper digestion, adopting a balanced diet, not eating after 6pm and not over seasoning your food nor engaging in too much culinary experimentation. Many women may have been observed to have a traditional preference for the more base or bland foods while men may prefer the spicy side of the menu. The ladies' examples here ought to be more frequently adopted by men seeking to eradicate frequent intestinal discomfort.


Emotional stress can bring about an over production of stomach acid. To turn off the acid, you may need to turn off the stress. Once the acid has made its presence known you can try the following stress relievers to calm yourself in addition to any direct treatments for the acid. Try non-directed activities - activities without any particular focus, goal or direction. When you release yourself from goal oriented behavior on all levels you release the tension or readiness that is present to pursue and reach goals. This may help to relieve stress. Non-directed activities include watching cartoons or other simplistic programming with obvious plot lines. You can hum, sing an easy song, engage in a non-competitive game or meditate to take yourself to a peaceful place in your mind. You can add to this list.

Some combination of efforts from all three categories may help to speed relief.

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