How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard

While moles aren't exactly harmful to your lawn and garden they can make them look quite unattractive. These methods will get rid of them humanely.

A mole is a tiny, gray or black mammal that enjoys burrowing underground. Moles are often thought to be blind because of their tiny eyes but since they live mainly underground they have no real need of good eyesight. Moles will feed on insects such as grubs and worms and they are largely harmless to your property and can even be beneficial. Sometimes moles get out of hand and turn your lawn into an unsightly mess forcing you to take some steps to get them under control.

There are many types of mole poisons available but they are dangerous to use around the home and aside from being cruel they are usually not very effective. Moles tend to be very suspicious of their surroundings and most likely will stay away from strange baits and traps. Devices are sold that send vibrations into the ground and are supposed to drive moles away but these are ineffective as well as expensive.

One way to get rid of moles is to remove their source of food. If you have a mole problem in your lawn you probably have a good deal of grubs. Getting rid of lawn grubs will force moles to seek their food elsewhere and they may just move next door. Reducing the amount of watering your lawn receives will make a less inviting environment for worms and grubs.

A mole barrier can help to keep moles out of your lawn and garden. Hardware cloth or aluminum sheeting can be buried between two and three feet deep to keep moles from tunneling and a raised area of at least 6 inches will keep the moles from climbing over the barrier. This method is only practical for small areas and you may still have some moles inside the area of your barrier that need to be dealt with.

Castor oil is an excellent repellent for moles. In order to effectively apply castor oil you need to water the area thoroughly beforehand. Spray castor oil onto your lawn or garden using a spray bottle or lawn spraying device normally used for fertilizer or pesticides. After you have thoroughly doused your area with castor oil you will need to water it again to cause the oil to be brought down into the soil. The castor oil will remain until rain or watering causes it to dissipate and then you will have to reapply.

Planting chocolate lilies or "skunk lilies" around your yard can help keep moles away. The bulbs and flowers of this flower have a terrible, strong odor and moles find it distasteful. Try planting a few bulbs on each side of the yard and garden. Garlic is also a plant that moles will avoid so try planting some here and there around your property.

Cats are one of the moles' natural enemies. If you pour used cat litter into mole runs and hills you may be able to convince them that they should move to another area. Pour the cat litter into any run or molehill you can find and refill them until signs of the mole have disappeared.

Human hair is also a great mole repellent. Get some hair clippings from you local beauty shop or barber and sprinkle them into the molehills and runs. Moles dislike the scent of humans and they do not like the feel of the hair.

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