Riding Lawn Mower Repair: Major Parts And Tips For Fixing

A guide to repairing riding lawn mowers yourself. Learn about parts and maintenance.

There are hundreds of parts that make up your riding lawn mower. You probably don't think about all of the parts, only when one of them needs replaced. Riding lawn mowers parts differ slightly because of their name brand, year, engine size, deck size, et cetera, but basically, the major parts are:

1. Seat - Typically made of metal or hard plastic, and padding, the seat rarely ever needs replaced. It's considered a major part of a riding lawn mower for obvious reasons.

2. Steering Wheel - Like the seat, it's typically made of a metal frame covered with hard rubber. Fortunately, the steering wheel never wears out either.

3. Mower Deck - This complicated assembly can be made up of a large metal deck, a discharge guard, pulleys, guide wheels, belts, springs, washers, nuts, bolts, suspension arms, et cetera. A mower deck can wear out after years of use, but it probably suffers more from rust damage, cracks, bends, et cetera. Mower decks for a riding lawn mower can vary in width from thirty-six to sixty inches.

4. Mower Deck Blades - These hardened metal blades are securely attached underneath the mower deck. They are the actual "grass cutters" on the machine. These parts vary in size and quantity; some riding lawn mowers have two blades, while others have three. Blades vary in size from twenty inches long to fifty-two inches long, depending on the size of the lawn mower.

It is important for the blades to be sharp in order for them to perform their best. Mower deck blades can either be sharpened or, if need be, replaced.

5. Rimmed Tires - Two smaller, steerable front tires, plus two large back tires are what enable the riding lawn mower to move around your yard. Most tires are rubber and are filled with air, much like the tires on a car. They sometimes need repaired or replaced. Other tires are made of hard rubber, and the advantage here is that they never blow out or develop air leaks.

6. Battery - Typically a twelve-volt size and located underneath the hood, the battery is what gives the engine its spark to start. A battery can last up to three to four years under normal conditions before it will need to be replaced.

7. Rear and Front Axles - These hardened steel shafts are necessary parts because they hold all four tires on. Rarely do axles break, crack, or wear out, so they are not a usual replacement part.

8. Engine - The engine in a riding lawn mower ranges in horse power, depending on the size of the mower. This major part is comprised of many parts, including bushings, fuel line, washers, bolts, nuts, screws, clamps hoses, and more! Parts of the mower engine can, and often do, break down or wear out, thus needing replacements.

9. Transmission - This major part of a riding lawn mower enables the mower to move forward at different speeds, or, move in reverse. The transmission can be either repaired or replaced.

10. Gas Tank - Holds several gallons of gasoline, the fuel that makes your riding lawn mower engine go! Gas tanks don't need repair unless they rust and develop holes in them. Then, they can either be repaired or replaced.

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