Riding Lawn Mower Reviews: Snapper Riding Lawnmowers

History and review of the affordable and durable Snapper riding lawn mower, with commercial and residential grade engines and optional accessories.

Snapper riding lawnmowers have the distinction of being the first riders that were built with their engines in the back, instead of in the front. This took place in the 1960's, and Snappers are still built today with as much innovation as they were back then, even though their company name has changed more than once.

Originally, Snapper started up in the late eighteen hundreds as the "Southern Saw Works." They were the first company to manufacture a self-propelled mower in the 1950's. Then, as Snapper, came the first rear- engine models of riding mowers. Finally, in 2002, the Georgia-based manufacturer was purchased by Simplicity Manufacturing, whose home offices are in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Simplicity Manufacturing produces a complete line of residential and commercial-grade push mowers, rear-engine riding mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn riding lawn mowers. They also produce chipper shredders, tillers, field and brush mowers, snow throwers, yard cruisers, and utility vehicles. Simplicity also offers a full line of available accessories for their many products. Plus, they make parts for the "do- it-yourselfer" easy to obtain, and these parts include hub bolts, wheel hubs, rear axle assembly, rear end overhaul kits, drive chain, pinion gears, drive disc linings, drive disk kits, and many more!

Snapper riding lawnmowers are built to be flexible in its usage, as well as durable in their construction. Their engines are built to run efficiently, as well as quietly, and they are built to last. Some of their riding lawn mowers not only cut grass that can be bagged, but they can also mulch with the addition of an optional mulching device. Snapper riders also offer consumers a fingertip speed control and cruise control for smooth, easy operation.

The compact design of Snapper's rear-engine rider allows consumers to zip around a small yard in no time at all. The company also boasts easy, responsive steering that makes it easy to maneuver their riding lawn mowers around trees, bushes, and other obstacles. There is no need to stop in order to change transmission gears, either, which makes getting a mowing job done faster as well. As for mowing quality, Snapper's "Pivoting Articulating Frame", which is an independent suspension design made of steel, allows the mower deck to float over the bumpiest of terrains. This innovative feature allows all types of yard, whether they be flat or hilly, to be cut smoothly and evenly.

For the larger-sized yards, Snapper offers consumers a variety of traditional, front-engine riding lawn mowers too. These machines can tackle the bigger mowing jobs quickly and easily. And, these riders can also be converted into hard-working mulching or grass-catching riders, and a yard roller. There is also an optional blade and tire chains that can be used to clear snowy driveways in the winter time. Snapper not only thinks of flexibility and durability, but the company also thinks of consumer comfort and safety by offering an optional snow cab too.

Overall, a Snapper riding lawn mower can be a solid, wisely-chosen investment. With its solid steel frame, multiple mowing levels, fifteen to twenty horse power engine, smooth hydrostatic transmission, fingertip controls, and optional accessories, this rider can handle most any job around the yard.

Brand new Snapper riders are available only at authorized dealers around the United States. Their list prices range from approximately twenty-two hundred dollars to four thousand dollars, respectively.

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