Riding Lawn Mower Reviews: Toro

A consumer guide to the quality lawn care and landscaping products of Toro, specifically the TimeCutter Z and TimeCutter ZX riding lawn mowers, with features and descriptions of each.

The Toro Company started designing and manufacturing their inventive, high-quality lawn care products in 1914. Since then, they have grown to become a successful, thriving, billion-dollar company with approximately five thousand employees across the globe. Their products include lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, snow throwers, electric power snow shovels, hedge trimmers, cordless trimmers, power sweepers, and more. These products are used by homeowners and businesses alike.

Toro prides itself on providing quality lawn care products that meet the needs of their customers. One of their most popular products is probably their riding lawn mower. Their most innovative series of riding mowers are called the "TimeCutters®". You can choose from two models, either the "TimeCutter Z", or the "TimeCutter ZX".

The "Time Cutters" can tackle the highest of lawn grasses with an excellent cutting power that doesn't bog down. And, it earns its name because it significantly cuts down the amount of time it takes to mow your grass. With the Toro's "Zero Turning Radius Technology", you can easily maneuver around trees, bushes, and other barriers in your yard in no time at all! Instead of backing up and pulling forward repeatedly, like you have to do with a traditional riding lawn mower, the "Time Cutter" can turn in a tight circle around obstacles in your yard. And, if the Toro can reach it, it can mow it, so you might not need to use a push mower either to do those trimming jobs either!

This riding mower comes with a two-year warranty, a smooth-running, well-built Kohler® or a Kawasaki® engine, cruise control, a durable mowing deck, and, of course, Toro's "Zero Turning Radius Technology". It also has optional accessories including a twin bagger, snow blade, light kit, and an arm rest.

Another one of the Toro company's popular riding lawn mowers is the 400XT. While it doesn't have the zero turn feature, it does have either a quiet Kohler® single, or a Kawasaki® twin-cylinder engine, tilt steering, cruise control, and a handy cup holder. It also has the "Attach-A-Matic system" that lets you hook up equipment instantly without the hassle of using tools.

The 400XT riding lawn mower features some different equipment so that you can easily tackle whatever job is at hand. This equipment includes a vacuum bagger, a thirty-six inch tiller, dump cart, thirty-six inch sweeper, roller, sun shade, snow blade and cab, single-stage snow thrower, and a two-stage snow thrower.

The company offers either a two or a five year warranty on all of their lawn mowers. It's also amazing to note that Toro offers a unique guarantee that is unmatched in the industry. It's called the "GTS (or Guaranteed to Start) Warranty". What it means is, that Toro guarantees that, as long as routine maintenance is performed on their engines, that they will start on the first or second pull within the warranty period...guaranteed! If the covered lawn mower fails to start, then the Toro Company will repair the machine for free!

If you are in the market for a new lawn mower- either to purchase or to rent- you might want to check out what the Toro Company has to offer. Their machines are not sold directly from the factory. You must visit an authorized Toro dealer. You can locate local dealers near you, as well as download parts lists and owner's manuals from the www.toro.com web site.

One final note: If you do purchase a Toro lawn mower, through The Toro Foundation, a part of the purchase price (of every one of their products) goes toward scholarships that are awarded through their "outdoor landscape industry leaders" program.

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