How Do I Find The Right Contractor To Pave My Driveway?

How do I find the right contractor to pave my driveway? Driveway contractors should provide you with a reasonable bid and a guarantee. If you were paving with asphalt, I would look in the phone book under...

If you were paving with asphalt, I would look in the phone book under asphalt pavers. If it was me, I would ask them how much they charge by the square foot, and I would have them bid on it. I would solicit at least three or four different bids. A good bid if you're doing a concrete driveway, typically is about $4-$5 per square foot for flat work. By flat work, I mean patios, driveways and sidewalks.

There are different kinds of concrete for different projects. A homeowner's concrete is going to be typically the concrete that is not as strong as a high rise building concrete. This is because it doesn't need to be so strong, which should make it cheaper. There are different prices on concrete, but for the average homeowner, be prepared (especially if you are one timers) for it to be very expensive. Be picky and solicit bids. Go with the guy that's got it altogether. Cheapest is not always best. That way if you're not happy with your project, the contractor is going to be more accountable and that's what you're really looking for when you are going to have somebody come out and do some concrete work at your place. You're looking for somebody that will be accountable if things don't go the way that you anticipate them going.

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