What Are The Risks Of A Breast Implant?

What are the risks of a breast implant? Your breast tissue is at the biggest risk, implants could sometimes rupture as well. Your breast tissue is at the biggest risk. With saline there is no risk as far...

Your breast tissue is at the biggest risk. With saline there is no risk as far as if the implant ruptures. That's just salt water. It rushes through your body and goes away. That's no big deal. Silicon was a different issue, but we rarely do silicon implants anymore. You have to qualify, and nowadays the silicon implants are fairly safe. Most women prefer saline. I personally had silicon implants; the doctor exchanged them a few years back with saline. I felt like I would rather have my saline rupture because eventually they do rupture; that's one of the complications. I'd rather have saline in my body than silicone. So that's one thing, between 10 and 20 years they will rupture. But we tell them that it's an outfit. This is a prosthesis in your body. It's like any other prosthesis in your body; like a heart valve that had to be replaced. All heart valves wear out. All prosthesis' in your body will wear out. They all know that going in, and most women accept that and they are okay with that. It's a very simple matter to just go in and exchange the implant if it does rupture. It's not simple if the implant has developed scar tissue that is wrapped around it. It's like roots from a tree or plant. It just wraps around it and it squeezes and that's painful. Not only is it squeezing your tissue, it's squeezing the implant, and that can cause it to rupture. Those are really the only two things that can go wrong, and those are reparable.

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