All About Roberto Cavalli: Fashion And Style

Know for his use of vibrant colors and exotic animal prints, Roberto Cavalli's mission has not changed since his career began: providing women with timelessly dramatic pieces that flatter the female form.

Roberto Cavalli (b. 1940) has been and will continue to be one of the eminent fashion designers of the 21st century.Know for his vibrantly colored designs""animal prints are his enduring signature""Cavalli's mission has remained the same throughout his decades long career: to provide women with timelessly dramatic pieces that flatter the female form.

Today, Cavalli has become one of the fashion world's premiere design magnates: producing lines of clothing for men, for women, and for children, as well as lines of beachwear, casual wear, lingerie, shoes, perfume, eyewear and even one for the home!While Cavalli may have built this empire upon his own talents, he was helped along by a family full bursting with creativity.In fact, his grandfather, renowned painter Giuseppe Rossi, was a prominent member of the Macchiaioli Tuscan movement and his artistry was of such merit that his works continue to be displayed in museums throughout Italy today.Young Cavalli's artistic pursuits became formalized when, at the age of 17, he enrolled at the Institute of Art of Florence.It was here that he first began to experiment with use of paint on textile fabrics; most notably, Cavalli was praised for his vibrant floral motifs which brought him to the attention of several influential contacts in the Italian fashion/textile industries.Cavalli's greatest creative break up until this point came with his now patented development of printing methods for leather.Using this technique he created the delightfully innovative patchworks which would bring him to the attention of clients such as Pierre Cardin and Hermes.

In 1970, Cavalli was commissioned to present the first collection that would bear his name at the Salon for Pret-a-Porter.This newcomer, at the bright young age of thirty, wowed fashion enthusiasts with his innovative leather print and patchwork designs on denim. This successful presentation lead to others: Cavalli was invited to show at the Pitti Palace in Florence and later a catwalk performance in Milan.Cavalli's dramatic use of precious metals, animal prints, and leather marked him as an immediate presence in Italy's exclusive fashion domain.In 1972 Cavalli opened his first boutique in Saint Tropez and achieved much interest from the most fashionable celebrities of the time.

This early use of animal prints became a signature style that Cavalli is known for even today.However, Cavalli has continually been one of fashion's technological pioneers: utilizing the latest technologies to further enhance his use of color, texture, and pattern.His clients are so devoted to his line they have been known to wear nothing else.

Never one to limit himself or his artistic pursuits, Cavalli entered the realm of designer jeans in 1994.His successes in this market, along with the spectacular openings of his boutiques in Saint Barth (French Caribbean), Venice, and Saint Tropez, provided Cavalli with the economic clout to explore other design markets.The Cavalli empire now offers, in addition to his exotic formalwear, lines of everything from sunglasses to underwear to perfume to home décor.

While Roberto Cavalli may be a fashion empire unto himself and one of the most well-regarded fashion artists of his time, he remains a man of simple pleasures.His devotion to his wife""a former Miss Universe he married in 1980""and his dedication to their three children have marked him as a family man as much as a business man.Although, perhaps this is because he includes his family in most of the major facets of his business pursuits.When not spending time with his family, Cavalli satisfies his need for speed piloting his private yacht and his helicopter.

Entering his prime, Cavalli is not a man that shies away from new challenges: in 2002 he opened the Giacosa Café in Florence and later a Just Cavalli café in Torre Branca and Via Spiga.Since he burst onto the scene in 1972, Cavalli has earned a diverse following of clientele devoted to his vibrant, timeless creations; his influence on the fashion world is thus far immeasurable, and his impact on its future is a sight to behold.

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