What Role Does Landscaping Play In Green Building?

What role does landscaping play in green building? Landscaping has as much to do with sustainable building as it does with sustainability. It plays a role that is not so much one of sustainable building,...

It plays a role that is not so much one of sustainable building, but of sustainability. If we plant things that fill the aquifers rather than consume it, that's sustainability. We should be using native grasses in our landscapes that have roots that are designed to shift water back into the ground instead of just depleting it.

Q: Are certain climates better suited to sustainable building than others?

I think they're all just specific to themselves. You just have to be aware of what you're doing. Another thing that's been going on in conventional building is that not a lot of attention is being paid to climate or region. You see the houses built with the same materials in New Jersey as you do in Houston. That doesn't make a lot of sense. There are many reasons to pay attention to what the climate is. And not just climate, but what resources are available regionally and what the conditions are regionally. Humans are also really good about moving stuff around that can upset ecosystems. Bringing materials that aren't indigenous to a region also brings things like fire ants and termites and other destructive organisms.

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