Roof Repair: Checking For Signs Of Trouble

Roof repairs can be avoided by observing maintenance checkups. Giving your roof a regular bi-yearly check up is the best way to catch roofing problems before they turn into costly headaches.

Your roof could quite possibly be the most important component in your home. It keeps us dry and safe from the elements. It is also the most expensive part of our house to have repaired. Since most of us don't go up on the roof very often, we don't notice the little problems until they've grown into giant costly headaches! By following the guidelines below, you can recognize the first signs of trouble and stop them in their tracks!

You should definitely use binoculars to get the best view of the roof. A ladder can be used for a close inspection if your roof is more flat than slanted but is not necessary in most instances. Checkups should be done every spring and every fall. The sun does more damage than the wind and rain so pay close attention to the sunny side of the house.

The first place to check is along the ridges of the roof, the points where the shingles are folded over. Any cracks you see can easily turn into leaks if not caught in time. Check the valleys next. Valleys are joints that have a downward slope. Most are covered with a piece of sheet metal called flashing. Make sure there are no holes or rust spots. You may see more flashing around any structures that rise out of the roof like chimneys. Check this for imperfections as well.

Next look for missing, curled or loose shingles. Have these replaced as quickly as possible. Moisture leaking in from these areas can weaken sheathing, walls, and ceilings.

Check out your gutters. If you see lots of little granules in there, it means your roof is losing its coating and needs to be resealed. Also if your gutters do not drain well, they may back up and cause water damage to the lower shingles. This condition is very easy to remedy. Check for clogs in the downpipe.

By following these simple guidlines twice a year and fixing the minor problems you can help avoid a major problem later. Take care of your roof and it will take care of you for years to come!

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