Rose Bushes And Their Care

With a little tender loving care, your rose bushes can be as radiant as the sun. In this article find out how to naturally take care of roses.

With care, a rose bush can make or break your yard. When a rose bush is in its glory, it shines like the sun. Roses do require time and maintenance. This maintenance includes pruning, feeding and spraying for pests. All of these

can be done naturally.

Pruning will promote beautiful, healthy rose bushes. The pruning needs to take place near the end of its dormant season (late January - early February in the United States). You need to prune conservatively, never pruning to the ground. A rose bush pruned back too far will regress back to its wild state. It will lose its color and shape. When roses have finished blooming, clip dead blossoms. This will promote new growth, which in turn promotes a new rose bud to form.

After you have completed the yearly pruning (Jan.-Feb.), feed your rose bush chopped banana peels. Dig a small trench around the bush, put the peels in and then bury the trench. This will make a natural potassium rich soil that will prove its benefits in the blooming season.

When the rose buds are forming, often times you will notice little green bugs covering the bud. These bugs are called aphids and they are detrimental to roses. A spray bottle filled with a combination of water and a small amount of dish soap proves to be deadly to these little insects. The soap sticks to their wings which makes them unable to fly. A few days later, you will notice they have died. The rain or sprinkler will wash them off in time.

With each year, your pampered rose bush will grow and flourish. With proper maintenance, your roses will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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