What Are The Rules For The Card Game Of Euchre?

Explains the rules and regulations of the midwest's most popular card game, also explores terminology and house rules of Euchre.

Euchre is a game that has the mid-west fascinated. All around Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois there are euchre tournaments, clubs, and home games being played. It has also become an instant hit online with tens of thousands of players ranging in skill levels and experience meet nightly to chat and play a friendly (or sometimes not-so-friendly) game of euchre. This game has simple easy to understand rules and is played with a smaller deck, but still each game is new odds. No two games are the same. Euchre, in its varying strategies and odds, has captured the hearts of people nationwide from kindergartners to senior citizens.

The game play is as follows.

1. 4 people forming 2 sets of partners, partners sit opposite each other.

2. A dealer is chosen either randomly or by flipping a card to each person until one receives a black jack. This person is the starting dealer.

3. The dealer deals five cards to every person, this is their hand and the players are allowed to look at their cards.

4. The remaining four cards are the cat, the top card is flipped over on top of the other three. This card is "up."

5. The person to the left of the dealer decides if he/she would like the suit that is up to be trump. The either pass or order the card up to the dealer.

6. If it is passed the next person in order calls it up or passes etc.

7. If the dealer passes, he/she turns the card over and the person to his/her left now decides on any suit (excluding that of the "up" card) to be trump.

8. This continues around again, and if the dealer passes the cards are thrown in, the deal moves to the left and new cards are dealt.

9. Once trump is declared, play starts with the person to the left of the dealer. It is his/her lead. He chooses one of the five cards from his/her hand and plays it.

10. Play continues to the left with each player playing a card. At the end whoever won" the trick (will be described later) takes the cards and now has the "lead"

11. This continues until all five "tricks" have been played and the team that took 3 of the 5 "wins" the hand. Points are awarded accordingly.

The Specific Rules

A. Card Values

1. Once trump is declared the jack of trump is the highest card "the right bower"

2. The second highest card is the jack of the same color as trump "the left bower"

3. Value then continues from Ace to 9 of trump, then from Ace to 9 of all the other suits

4. The card that is led, becomes the suit of that hand, if the other players have a card of that suit, they must "follow suit" and play that, multiple cards may be chosen between.

5. If a player does not have any of the "led" suit that player may "trump" the trick in attempt to take it, or "lay off" and play another non-trump suit.

6. At the end of a trick the highest trump takes the trick, or in the case of a no-trump trick, the highest card of the lead suit takes the trick.

B. Going Alone

Once in a while a player will have an extremely strong hand and upon declaring trump will also announce he/she is "going alone." The person is gambling that he/she can take all 5 tricks unassisted for extra points.

C. Hand Values

1. Once all tricks have been played whichever pair of partners has taken three tricks has "won" the hand

2. If the team that declared trump wins the hand by taking 3 or 4 tricks they receive one point, should they take all 5 tricks they have "marched" and receive two points

3. If the team that did not declare trump takes three or more tricks then they have "set" or "euchred" their opponents. They receive two points

4. If a player takes all 5 "alone" that team receives 4 points, if the player takes 3 or 4 tricks that team gets 1 point. Getting euchred on a loner is still 2 points for the other team.

5. The first team to amass ten points in this fashion wins the game.

D. House Rules

1. "Farmers" Hands

a. If a player has 3 nines or tens or any combination thereof he/she may exchange them for the three cards below the "up" card before the calling round begins.

b. In some games farmers is declared as only 3 nines.

c. Also sometimes calling farmers will forfeit your right to call trump.

2. Partner's Best

a. A player going alone may call for his/her partner's best card, the partner gives this to him/her and the player then exchanges a card of his/her choice back to his/her partner.

b. If the player gets a loner with partner's best, a point is knocked off the reward and three points result.

3. Ace no Face and Misdeals

a. Ace no face results when a player is dealt an ace and four nines or tens or combinations thereof, the hand is thrown in and cards redealt

b. When a player is dealt a combination of nines and tens, the hand is thrown in, and the deal moves onto the next person.

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