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To some political liberals, Rush Limbaugh is

He is loved by millions of political conservatives. Some political liberals, however, have called political radio commentator, Rush Limbaugh, "the most dangerous man in America." Regardless what one thinks of Limbaugh, however, there can be no doubt he is popular. His daily radio show has a listening audience of 20 million people every day. He has a television show, too.

Limbaugh himself says he is "right" and uses "talent on loan from God." He isn't shy to remind viewers that he has the "most listened to" talk show on the planet. Limbaugh also said on a recent show that so many more people listen to his show on the internet than any other show online, the other shows shouldn't even be listed in ratings by comparison. He is also a best selling author. Two of his books are, "The Way Things Ought To Be," and "See I Told You So."

Limbaugh was born January 12, 1951. His first job was shining shoes at a barbershop when he was 13. Even as a teenager he showed his interest in politics, sharing his opinions and being in front of the public. According to the Rush Limbaugh Hometown (Cape Girardeau, Missouri) Tour website, he was known for: imitating voices; telling stories; being a DJ; the debate club and Voice of Democracy. He attended Southeast Missouri University.

His nationally syndicated show debuted in 1988 with 56 radio stations. By 1994 his "Excellence in Broadcasting" (EIB) network boasted 600 stations. Limbaugh was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993.

Rush Limbaugh III comes from a family of conservative attorneys. His grandfather Rush Limbaugh Sr. served as President Eishenhower's ambassador to India. He practiced law until after his 100th birthday and died in 1996 at 104. His Uncle, Stephen N. Limbaugh Sr. is a federal judge appointed by President Reagan, and his first cousin, Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr. is on the Missouri Supreme Court. His brother, David, practices law in Limbaugh's hometown and is also an author. David is also Limbaugh's legal representative.

On his show, Limbaugh never hesitates to share his opinion on anything he considers important: the environment; feminism; abortion; taxes and numerous other subjects. There are numerous websites and have been many books in which political liberals attack his views and list what they say have been inaccurate statements made by Limbaugh on the air. On the other hand, there are numerous websites and have been books supporting Limbaugh and his statements. On one website, supporter Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the United States House of Representatives, listed charges made by a group he said is liberal, Fairness and Accuracy in Media (FAIR), Rush's answers to the charges and his own reasons he believes Limbaugh was accurate in his statements. Another supporter is former United States Vice President Dan Quayle.

Limbaugh is not afraid to attack any idea, no matter how popular it is among some groups or even if that idea is accepted by large groups of people. For example, he has attacked the theory of "global warming," in which some scientists say man made pollution is causing the earth's temperature to gradually rise because of pollution from automobiles, planes, factories and other chemical causing substances. He has pointed to scientists who do not believe in the theory.

On the theory that man, through pollution, is destroying the ozone layer, which protects the environment, Rush takes a different view. He believes volcanoes do more harm to the protective ozone layer above the earth than man. He was attacked by FAIR for the statement. Rush, however, said that the group quoted only one source. He quoted from a book by Ronald Bailey, "Eco Spam: The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse," in which the author claimed, "sulfur from Mount Pinatubo and some Southern Hemisphere volcanoes did hasten the opening of the annual Antartic ozone hole in 1992." He also pointed to another book in which two scientists stated volcanoes may cause significant damage to the ozone layer.

He has also been strong in denouncing possible efforts in California to make people buy electric cars, in an attempt to protect the environment.

"People don't want them," Limbaugh said on a recent show. He added the issue is not something for the government to decide.

Limbaugh was also attacked for saying women did well before feminism existed. FAIR pointed out women once could not vote.

"I was referring to contemporary militant feminism, not women's suffrage," Limbaugh responded. "My statement is pure opinion. "ňúLiberated women' are in some cases turning out to be the losers. Instead of the freedom and equality they thought they had achieved, too many find themselves schackled by unplanned pregnancies, abortions, single motherhood, infections or infertility."

He said some feminists want to criminalize courtship between the sexes. Limbaugh added that some feminists have lost their goal of equal pay for equal work.

He also quoted Katherine Kersten in,"Policy Review," who stated that contemporary feminism has abandoned its true mission to focus on oppression and self-absorption. She said the result is that "feminism of this sort clouds women's judgment; it renders them incapable of distinguishing between needs and wants, and between real injustices and garden-variety irritations."

Limbaugh was also attacked for being against a national health care system and his statements in support of the American health care system.

"If you have any doubts about the status of American health care, just compare it with that in other industrialized nations," Limbaugh said.

He was attacked by FAIR, which stated that the United States is 16th in life expectancy and 21st in infant survival, among industrialized nations, according to the CIA's 1993 World Fact Book.

Limbaugh quoted from Dr. Elizabeth McCaughey, John M. Olin Fellow at the Manhattan Insitute who wrote in the New Republic Magazine on February 7, 1994.

"High infant mortality rate and lower life expectancy have almost nothing to do with the quality of American medical care. Both statistics reflect the epidemic of low-birth weight babies born to teenage and drug-addicted mothers, as well as the large number of homicides in American cities and drug-related deaths. In fact, if you're seriously ill, the best place to be is in the United States. "

Liberal groups also attacked Limbaugh and said he claimed the commentator said condom users have a one-in-five risk of contracting AIDS. Limbaugh said he did not say that but said he had stated the condom failure rate can be as high as 20 %. He said a University of Texas study showed that while condoms are 87% effective in preventing pregnancy, they are only 69% effective in preventing AIDS.

"Would you get on a plane, or put your children on a plane, if one in five passengers would be killed on the flight?" Limbaugh asked.

Limbaugh has also said that Americans should not be ashamed of their success in business or other areas. He has said some liberal groups want successful people to be ashamed of their success, because there are less advantaged people in the world. Limbaugh has said that kind of thinking has made people believe the government is entitled to more and more of their taxes, instead of less and less.

Limbaugh, who says he is a conservative first and a Republican second, is strong in his statements that the American economic boom of the 1990's was caused by tax cuts of the 1980's. He says the notion that the rich got richer and the poor got poorer is totally false. As a result of the boom, Limbaugh believes an image of former President Reagan should be carved in Mount Rushmore, minted into coins, and the former president should receive a place of honor in every school child's history book.

Limbaugh is also quick to denounce, "political correctness," an idea held by some in universities and elsewhere that certain views are correct and all others incorrect. He called that "political oppression."

The announcer is also quick to denounce the idea that political conservatives do not care about the less fortunate in society. He pointed out on his website that President Bush's salary last year was almost $1 million, and he gave almost $150,000 to Boy Scouts of America and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Limbaugh also said that with a salary of $36 million last year, Vice President Cheney gave $7.8 million in stock options to charity.

Some may attack Rush Limbaugh. Others see him as one person did in a book review on The reviewer said he and Rush both long for a time again when the middle class isn't overtaxed, politicians care about others more than themselves, and the American spirit is strong.

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