What Does RV Insurance Cover?

What does RV insurance cover? If you travel with many of your personal items in your RV, it might be a good idea to get some additional RV insurance protection. Your RV insurance covers like everything else,...

Your RV insurance covers like everything else, the liabilities that you have for hitting somebody else. That is the number one thing that your insurance covers. It will then cover the optional coverage. There are ways to put personal property coverage on them. If you live in your RV and you travel full-time and you don't have a house or apartment where you leave your personal belongings, then there is a good chance you have got a lot of things in your RV. That is going to be different than an auto policy, because with your car policy, if someone stole things out of the back of your car, it's not covered. If everything you own is in your RV, you would want that covered. So that is something that can be put on the policy as an option. There are different optional riders for things such as, if you have an awning. That is sometimes covered in the standard policy and sometimes not. You can buy additional coverage to cover the awning. Awnings get ripped all the time, that's why it's an additional coverage.

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