Safe Defensive Driving Tips

Learn tips on how you can use simple safe defensive driving that can save your life and others. With so many accidents on the road,car deaths have become a major killer of man.

One of the biggest killers in our society today is "˜road fatalities'. It can be a scary thought, particularly if we are drivers: will we be next? What are some steps that we can take to ensure that we are driving defensively and safely?

Here are some practical suggestions that could be put to use and it doe not matter is we are new drivers or have had years of driving experience, we can all put these to good use.

One of the biggest causes of road fatalities is Speed. Yes it might sound corny but speed does kill. So a simple solution to this is to slow down. Yes don't let that right foot of yours becomes like lead.

The speed restrictions imposed on our roads are there for our safety as drivers. Pay attention to the speed signs; even restrict your speed to 10km's under what the sign says. By doing this you could actually save you life and other people's lives.

Special attention needs to be given especially when cornering. Yes, corners can be very deceptive, so the simple rule is to slow down to take the corner successfully.

Another area that we need to pay attention to is the weather conditions. Yes you don't have to do the speed limit when weather conditions do not allow for safe driving. It is recommended to slow your speed by at least 20km's in wet or unsafe weather conditions.

We need to remember that it is better to arrive on time rather than "˜dead on time'.

The other major cause of road fatality is Alcohol. Yes we hear the same message time and again that if you drink and drive then you're a real idiot.

It is human nature for us to think that we know what we are doing, especially when we are drinking. However, even just a few drinks can end up costing someone's life. So a simple rule is to not drive if we are going to drink. If we do drink, then limit ourselves to how much we drink. This will take a lot of self-control on our part, as it is so easy to drink over the recommended limits.

Follow the guidelines to have a designated driver who will not drink that night, then this will be a life saving step

to take.

Also a basic rule to remember for good defensive driving is common courtesy. Yes by our being willing to let others in ahead of us we can save a lot of problems on the road. Remembering things like simple give way rules when at intersections will help too.

Also while driving always keep an eye out for hidden dangers, things like young children playing on the side of the street, animals, and different obstacles on the road.

Yes, by our following these simple guidelines then we will save not only our life, but also the lives of others by our safe defensive driving, and thus help in reducing on of the biggest killers known to us today.

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