How To Safely Carry Adequate Cash For Different Occasions

Are you worried about carrying cash? Here are EIGHT GREAT tips to help you safely carry your cash!

Sometimes it's just more convenient to carry cash. You don't have to worry about losing a credit or debit card with bank account information on it. You don't have to deal with digging out your driver's license and verifying information. You don't have to give them your home number, work number, five references and a blood sample just to purchase a chocolate candy bar!

Don't be worried about carrying cash. You are not going to be wearing a flashing, neon orange sign that says you have some cash! In fact, here are EIGHT GREAT tips to help you carry your cash and carry it safely!

Tip One

If you are a man, do NOT carry your wallet in your back pocket. It's too easy for pick pockets to swipe your wallet this way. Carry your cash in a front pocket or the inside pocket of a coat.

Tip Two

When choosing handbags, women should consider that bags with shoulder straps may become targets of purse snatchers. Opt for carrying at least part of your cash in a fanny pack tied around your waist or tucked into your sock.

Tip Three

Keep a small cash emergency fund in an envelope in the glove compartment of your car. A roll of quarters in your glove compartment is great to have in addition to your emergency fund envelope - you may need change for something!

Tip Four

Most hotels state that they are not responsible for lost items. But, many hotels offer to keep their guest's valuables in safes. In fact, some hotels provide in-room safes for their guests to use. Be sure and take advantage of the hotel safe and take out only the cash you need each day and put the rest in the safe!

Tip Five

If you carry your money in a money clip, DON'T flash your cash! Don't handle large amounts of money publicly. Be discreet when paying for your purchases.

Tip Six

If you're on vacation, you will need to determine an adequate amount of cash to carry each day. Of course, how much money is an adequate amount will depend on where you are vacationing! Remember, if you are able to travel during an off-peak season to your destination, you'll save some dollars! To determine the amount of cash you may need, make use of the restaurant guides and travel guides. These guides explain price ranges from very low end to very high dollar venues. Find these guides by surfing the internet or by visit the lobby of most any hotel.

Tip Seven

Don't always keep your cash in one place. If you're carrying a purse, stash at least some of your cash in your pocket; that way, if your purse is stolen - you will still have some money to spend!

Tip Eight

Organizing your cash can be simple too! You can simply pick up some extra bank envelopes on your next trip to the bank. Divide your money into the various envelopes and WRITE what the cash is for on the OUTSIDE of each envelope. An inexpensive coupon organizer can also help in assisting you divvy up your money

So, keep your cash safe by following EIGHT GREAT tips! After all, your cash belongs to YOU!

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