What Are Some Safety Issues That Homeowners Should Be Aware Of When Dealing With

What are some safety issues that homeowners should be aware of when dealing with. Fireplace safety with children is a concern among consumers, but most children will feel the heat and back away from the fireplace.

No matter your race, age, or gender most people have some common ideas of what they would like to be included in their dream home. Women always seem to be talking about having a walk-in closet in their home. Men tend to lean towards items such as pool tables or other game room accessories. One item that men and women alike usually have very little problem agreeing on is a fireplace. Fireplaces are the epitome of romance in a relationship, provide energy efficiency, and continue to be a very popular addition to any home.

But, just as with anything that seems to bring consumers joy, there is also a downside to having a fireplace in a home. For one, fireplaces require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to work properly. The most important detail that follows owning a fireplace is the safety issues that are involved.

Whenever dealing with fire in a fireplace, consumers must be sure to always follow every possible safety tip available in order to ensure maximum safety. Dennis Capo works Malm Fireplaces, which has been manufacturing fireplaces for over 40 years. Capo says that following a few simple rules can help any consumer be as safe as possible around fireplaces.

"If you follow the manufacturer's guidelines, there shouldn't be any problems at all," he says. "But, just make sure you are not building a fire that is too close to furniture. Also be sure not to stack wood near the fireplace where it can get hot enough to ignite."

In addition to checking the area around the fireplace, experts suggest that consumers be sure to clean the area around the chimney. Items such as bird's nests and tree limbs can easily catch fire.

Another tip for fireplace safety is to always use a fireplace screen. This prevents sparks from leaping from the fireplace onto a carpet or rug and possibly igniting them. Also, a fireplace screen can be helpful in keeping young children away from the fire. Capo says that the fireplace screen helps prevent accidents, but parents should talk with their children about the dangers of a fireplace.

"Most children will feel the heat and back away," he says. "It is no different than walking up to an oven door or something like that."

Other fireplace safety tips include never overloading the fire with too many logs. Too many logs could result in a fire that grows too high too rapidly and could eventually get out of control. Also, never use your fireplace as an incinerator to burn garbage. While it seems easy and convenient to just toss the old Christmas tree in the fireplace when the kids aren't looking, experts advise against using any wood not regulated for fireplace use.

As with any area of the house that has the potential for a fire to get out of control, homeowners should make sure that there is a fire extinguisher handy and in easy reach.

Last but not least, be sure never to leave your fire unattended. As cozy as it sounds to fall asleep with a roaring fire in the house, be sure that your fire is completely extinguished before going to bed.

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