What Is the Salary for Medical Billing & Coding?

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  • Overview

    What Is the Salary for Medical Billing & Coding?
    Medical billing and coding is a fast-growing career field with great career prospects. The Department of Labor predicts that medical coders, in particular, will be in very high demand for a number of years. While the salary for a job in medical coding and billing can vary based on a number of factors, there is some data available on typical salaries for these jobs.
  • Average Salary Range

    Medical coders and billers use their skills and knowledge to transform descriptions of medical conditions or procedures into universally-recognized codes. The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) surveyed 12,000 of their members, including coders and billers, to obtain information on average salaries and working conditions. Based on their survey, the average range for annual salaries in medical coding and billing is $39,400 to $46,500. The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) also found similar salary data for medical billing and coding jobs. Their surveys indicate that medical coding professionals can expect to earn an average of $43,995.
  • Credential Differences

    There is a significant difference between the average salaries for medical billers and coders who are credentialed compared to those who are not. The AAPC survey found that becoming credentialed can earn you an average of $6,600 more per year compared to non-credentialed colleagues. You can earn a certification by passing the 5-hour Certified Professional Coder exam administered by the AAPC.

  • Seniority

    Like many other careers, it is possible to earn more, the longer you have been in the field. The survey results indicated that those who are just starting out in medical billing and coding earned an average of approximately $15 an hour. However, over fifteen years of experience in the field can get you an annual hourly wage of over $23.
  • Region

    The average salary for a medical coder or biller also varies greatly by region. The AAPC found that medical billers and coders can expect the highest salaries in the Atlantic region, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, where the average annual salary tops $52,599. Billing and coding professionals in the Southwest, including Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, earn the lowest salaries, with an average of $39,794 per year.
  • Office Differences

    The salaries of medical coders are also affected by the type of medical office. Based on the AHIMA survey, medical coders earn the lowest average salary in mental health offices and settings, while those who work as consultants or in specialty offices can expect to make the most.
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