Free Sample Wedding Vows: 5 Ideas For Renewing Vows

There are many ways to exchanging marriage renewal vows, but overall they should be personal reflections of the couple. Here are some creative ceremony ideas and an example of renewal vows.

There are two significant types of wedding vow renewals popular today.For many people, having a special private ceremony, elopement or even making an intimate visit to the courthouse has become the way to make a love relationship official.Sometimes this is done for financial reasons or simply because it can be much less hectic and expensive.Many couples like to later make a public declaration of their love, often upon their one year wedding anniversary after the marriage has had time to solidify or planning such an event is a bit more convenient.However, there are no time restrictions.A renewal ceremony can be at any time, for any reason.It's about commemorating the bond that you have created.

The other type of vow renewal ceremony is that of couples that have been together for a very long period of time.After spending many years of blissful building, sharing and growing together it is important to take out time to remember how it all began.Renewing your wedding vows can be a special way to reify the bond you share with your partner, revisit why you feel in love in the first place and celebrate all that you have accomplished and undoubtedly survived over the years.It can be a way of celebrating the family you created together and renew your commitment to your future together.

Your wedding vow renewal ceremony should be a personal, reflective experience that represents who you are as a couple.Couples should do what feels right to them.If you are more comfortable with a simple dinner party or small festive celebration, go for it.You can still make the acknowledgement of your love before those who matter to you the most without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out.And a vow renewal can be a regular occurrence.Anniversaries (i.e., every five, ten, or twenty years) are a nice occasions for this.

Here are some simple ideas for wedding vow renewals settings or themes.

1) For a formal renewal ceremony, you could revisit the place where you were first married or you first met.Tailor your vows from the original ones you exchanged and emphasize the "now" aspect of your you have grown together, what you have learned, how much more you are in love today.If you have children (young or old) it's nice to include them in the ceremony.Lighting a unity candle can signify this special bond...the enduring light of your love that time and life's tests cannot extinguish because of what you mean to one another and to each other as a family.

2) If you're fortunate enough to live near water, have a romantic beachside ceremony at sunset.Make it carefree"¦go barefoot, wear comfy white outfits fit for an island paradise even if you can't afford the island getaway.Wear flowers in your hair and invite a few of your closest loved ones to share your day.Serve a light and yummy menu of seafood salad, fresh fruits and cheeses, and white wine.Exchange your personally written messages of continued devotion before all in attendance and let the setting sun shimmering on the water fill you with peace and happiness as you are reminded of how lucky you truly are.

3) Celebrate the growth and blossoming of your union by exchanging vows the second time around in a beautiful garden.Check local listings and find the best and most affordable option to you.Your vows should emphasize all the tender nurturing you've given to your marriage and each other.Let the fragrant blooms and sunshine set the tone.Give away pretty packages of flower seeds to your guests with a cute message attached such as "Remember that love blooms with constant care."

4) Have a nice indoor ceremony or dinner party and exchange your renewal vows after showing segments of your original wedding video or a clip show of wedding pictures and other snapshots of your life together.Gather images of holidays past, pictures with your newborn(s), celebrations at the home you've built together, or images from your honeymoon.There are many ways to do this type of slideshow.A really simple, user-friendly computer application (for all you Mac lovers out there) is iMovie.You can even add music"¦your favorite song or your original wedding song.You might need some simple audio-visual setup for this but it's sweet and sentimental and vividly illustrates all that you've been to each other and all that you have shared.

5) Not blessed with offspring yet?You can still incorporate the pitter-patter of little feet by including your pets.Plan a "pet-friendly" ceremony that is fun and unique.Let your dog serve as best man or carry a small pet in a basket instead of a bouquet.If you're exchanging bands such as for an anniversary, tie a pillow with the rings attached to it to your pet's back and let them bring it in.If you are a true animal lover, extend an invitation to your attendees to bring their pets and have a "pet treat bar" for your furry guests.

Vow renewals are all special as long as they are personal.Make your vows original"¦speak to what matters most.If you don't know where to begin in crafting your messages, grab a pen and paper and start reminiscing.Reflect on the years gone by and all that you've celebrated and all you've overcome.Think about all your hopes and dreams for the future.You can do this exercise together and then go off to write your actual vows independently.Let it be a surprise for your spouse.

Not sure what to say?Here's an example:

"My dearest ___, you are my beloved husband, my hero and my best friend.10 years ago we made a pledge before God and all those we hold dear to be committed to one another and love one another for life.And today my heart rejoices as we celebrate that promise that has only grown stronger as we have traveled down life's road together.I am so lucky to have you in my life.You are still the best part of each day.You still have the power to surprise me with your love and consideration. You still make me laugh until my sides hurt.And it is my heart's prayer that in another 10 years we will still be celebrating all of these things.You have made my life complete and secure, through good times and challenges, and helped me become a better person.Thank you for making my dreams come true.Thank you for being the most special part of my world. I promise to always be beside you as your loving and devoted wife and give you the very best of me.I love you with all my heart"¦and I always will."

Whether simple or elaborate, shared with many friends and family or just the two of you, have fun and celebrate the power of love.You have survived in a world where many marriages do not.It's your special day (again)"¦do it your way!

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