About Sanford-Brown Institute in Tampa

By Regina Sass

  • Overview

    The Sanford Brown Institute is a technical school located at 5701 East Hillsborough Avenue Tampa, Florida, teaching subjects in the medical field. They have been in business since 1977 and have a lifetime job placement service. Their classes are for both full and part-time students.
  • Features

    The Sanford Brown Institute has programs that can be completed in 9 months for a full-time student . New classes begin about every five weeks with both day and evening classes, so you can begin just about when you want. It is not hard to get a place in a class. If one is filled up, you just have to wait five weeks for the next one. All of the programs will earn you a certificate that will qualify you for an entry level job in your field of choice. The Sanford Brown Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).
  • Programs

    The Sanford Brown Institute offers programs in various medical fields. For instance, diagnostic medical sonography students learn to administer electrocardiograms, which is a measurement of the heart's electrical energy, and echo cardiograms which measure the size of the heart as well as the thickness of the heart's walls. Every medical procedure has a code that tells the insurance carrier exactly what was done. Medical billing and coding students learn what these codes are and how to enter them on the various forms. Their roll is a vital one, because if they do not do it right, the insurance company will not pay. Not everyone who works in a pharmacy is a druggist. They are assisted by pharmacy technicians who are responsible for preparing the medications and maintaining inventory. Many pharmacy technicians go on to college and become pharmacists themselves.

  • Admission Requirements

    Students need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, have a certificate stating that they are in good health and pass and interview. In some cases, there are entrance tests and with the cardiovascular technology, surgical technology and diagnostic medical sonography programs, the student will need to have employment experience in the medical field or have completed some education after high school.
  • Considerations

    The first consideration is whether the medical field is the right choice. Another one is whether or not you can afford to take a regular college course or one like that offered by the Sanford Brown Institute. A college course will get you a higher position, but for those who want to enter the work force as soon as possible, a technical school is the answer. You have the right to ask what percentage of their students find employment and ask if you can observe a class to get the feel of what your experience will be like.
  • Potential

    The medical field will always need workers and while there are lay offs at times, they tend to be less frequent than in other fields. Once you have earned your certificate, you will be able to look for employment in hospitals or with a private practice and to continue your education in order to rise in the ranks and one day be the one doing the hiring.
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