The Savannah College Of Art And Design

What is the Savannah College of Art and Design? What is it known for? Why is it such a popular and unique school?

The Savannah College of Art and Design is a fairly young school that quickly gained a major reputation for producing fine artists and designers. Students now come from across the country and the globe to learn from the instructors at the school and is the largest art school in the United States. SCAD was created in 1979 by a local couple, Richard and Paula Rowan, who started the private school with one building and 71 students.

In 1994 the National Trust for Historic Preservation honored SCAD with the National Honor Award for Historic Preservation, because the school has spent a lot of time and money preserving some of the run-down buildings in historic downtown Savannah in order to create the school from scratch. The college now has over 60 buildings and 5,800 students. You can earn your bachelor's or master's degrees in fine arts or architecture. The school offers multiple courses in painting, photography, furniture and industrial design, and historic preservation, among many others. Even though the school has only been around about 20 years, the school has 35 student organizations, including sporting programs.

Perhaps what SCAD is most proud of is its artwork. The school offers several art galleries that it shows off across the downtown Savannah area. They include the Bergen Hall Galleries (101 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, showcasing mainly photographic pieces), Ex Libris Third Floor Gallery (228 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, at the top of a college book store), Pinnacle Gallery (320 E. Liberty Street, showcasing multicultural art), West Bank Gallery (322 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, housing many interesting and cutting-edge contemporary art), Rapid Transit Gallery (342 Bull Street, showcasing many graduate student theses pieces), Hamilton Hall Gallery (522 Indian Street, showcases student, faculty, and traveling art and video works), among other galleries. The city also has several popular galleries around town that are separate from Scad.

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