Save Money By Buying Used Appliances

You don't have to break the bank buying appliances for your household. Here are some simple ways to save money buying used appliances.

Used doesn't always mean abused. With a little homework buying used appliances is a good way to get a what you want at a cheap price. Follow these simple steps to save money.

The first step is creating a list of items that you are wanting to purchase. The list should be general such as washer, dryer, etc.. Then the fun part is finding out the brand and model you want to buy. Your best bet is to go to the store with your list and look at different appliances. While you are looking write down the brand/model you want the most with a second choice next to each appliance. Make sure to be specific, knowing what you are looking for helps to prevent you from ending up with some one else's junk. After you have selected a brand then write down the price. Keeping the new price in mind will help you decide if you are getting a bargain on the same used item.

There are three main ways to buy used appliances. The easiest way is to shop at a second time around store. Just be careful because depending on the up keep of the store some of the items can be broken. Always make sure to find a place to plug in the item you are purchasing before leaving the store. Make sure when you are comparing prices that you have a similar model and brand. Keep in mind the neighborhood that the store is located usually reflects in the items that are donated.

Garage or moving sales are a great way to find a good deal. This avenue sometimes allows you to negotiate the purchase price. A few questions to ask when inquiring about an item of interest at the garage sales are: How old is the appliance? Is it still under warranty? Why are you getting rid of it? The answers you are looking for will depend on what you are thinking about buying. I usually try to buy items that are no more then two years old and still under warranty. The best answer to the third question should be that they replaced the item with a newer model, or it was a gift of something they already had.

Newspapers are another way to look for appliances. I look for the really big items in the newspaper and buy the smaller appliances from garage sales. Locating big items in the paper allows you to find out if the person will deliver. It also gives you the chance to ask questions over the phone about the condition of the appliance without going out. If the person is not willing to answer your questions and continually says, "you just have to see it" then I would advise thinking twice before driving to go see the item. When a person cannot confidently convey that the item they are selling is in good condition then usually the appliance is not worth looking at.

A couple of other avenues for finding a good deal is networking with friends or attending a real estate auction. You can also look at online auctions to compare prices and possibly purchase items. The biggest thing to watch for when looking at online used appliances is the shipping cost and the description. It is hard to decide the condition of the item when you are not physically able to inspect the appliance.

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