Save Money On Grocery Shopping!

There are lots of ways to save money on grocery shopping!

There are lots of ways to save at the grocery, sure hope my suggestions will help you, and I truly think they will. Over the years I have really tried to cut my grocery bills and yes it is possible with careful thinking and careful planning.

My first thought is comparision pricing, get the grocery ads from all of local stores and compare the prices, perhaps one of the grocery stores in the area will meet the competitor's prices in their sales ads, if so this is wonderful. This in itself will save you fuel costs and also time.

For instance if you will need to buy bananas, comparision price all of the sales ads and see which store has the lower prices, instead of paying 48 cents a lb, wouldn't you like to pay perhaps 33 cents a lb. Write down the name of

each grocery store on a sheet of paper, compare prices on all the sale items and the items necessary to supply your household for the week or perhaps two weeks that you are purchasing the groceries needed, then write down under each store name the item and the price that is the lowest. If you can use the competitor pricing at your favorite store, bring in the ads with you and also that sheet of paper with the information.

If you need to go to several stores be prepared and purchase only the items that are the lowest priced.

Now when you go into a grocery to buy your supplies bring a sheet of paper with a list of the items needed and also any sale items you may wish to buy for future use in your home and don't impluse buy: you can really raise a grocery bill

by impluse buying. Buy only the items you have on your list and wait for another time for those extras to be on sale.

Please do not go to the grocery hungry, you'll be stopping at the snack bar and buying lunch and adding to the expense of the trip to the grocery, don't let your children reach for those expensive candy bars, toys, treats, etc. Bring them little snack bags to nibble in the grocery filled with

healthy fruits and don't impluse buy on those items children want: yes, they always see things they would like for you to buy. Look around at the other baskets, all the junk and extras people buy on impulse: you don't need to get into that habit, if you already are impulse buying it's time to stop now.

When you get to the meat department look at the quality of the meat: don't buy meat with a lot of fat that you will have to trim and throw away. You are throwing away not only the fat trimmings but your money.

Let's stop and compare the name brand items and the store brands, chances are the same company is making both of these items and the store is selling them at different prices. Sure you might buy one store brand that is not as good as the name brand, but I bet you won't find very many.

If you have stores in your area that accept coupons, sure you need to lose them, perhaps they double the face value of the coupons, but do stop and think even with the double coupons on the name brand, is the store brand a better buy.

Mainly before you go to the grocery, meal plan for the time till you go back to the grocery and check out those cabinets and the fridge and don't impluse buy, comparison price and you'll save and you can save that money for a purchase you might need for your home, now enjoy your time at the grocery.

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