Save Money On Your Next Mattress Set

Your current mattress set is a pain - literally! Your back aches. Your shoulders are stiff. It seems like the bedding is hitting every single pressure point on your body every time you lie down.

It's definitely time for a new mattress set, but you don't have the money to shell out - or maybe you just don't want to pay full retail price.

Either way, there's help in store. The following tips can help you save money without sacrificing a comfortable, sanitary place to sleep.

* Consider buying a waterbed. Sure, they have the hippie "free love" images attached, but nobody's telling you to put this thing in the back of your cargo van! You can find the full deal - everything you need to get into bed and sleep the night away - for less than five hundred dollars. This includes the headboard, the heater that keeps the water warm, and even the filling and purification kits (so that you can fill it without flooding your house and treat the water to prevent bacteria and other unsightly, hideous problems).

The other advantage is that you can fill it as much or as little as you want, depending on your preferences and sleep needs.

Note: If you're in an apartment or are on a city water system, call the appropriate department before you fill the bed. You might get a discount on the water.

* Buy last year's sets. Just like cars, mattresses have manufacturing years and models. Typically, the only difference is that last year's goods are less valuable to the retailer, so he or she will sell them at a discount to make room for the new sets.

This works best before the end of the calendar year, but there are instances where companies have closeout sales year-round. Tune in to local broadcasting stations for advertisements related to this sort of thing - you might hear something interesting.

* Freight liquidators and unclaimed freight outlets have an amazing mix of household goods, furniture, clothing, and ... well, just about everything that you can possibly ship. This is a good place to look if you don't REALLY, REALLY need the bedding TONIGHT. (i.e. you know that you're going to upgrade within three months, so you have plenty of time to look around.)

* Buy factory "seconds" and mismatched sets. Typically, "second" products - clothing, mattress sets, and the like - are flawed only to the inspector's eyes.

For example: if a company sews 10,000 tee shirts in one day and 100 of them are slightly less, say, blue than the others, those are seconds. It's a coloring problem, not a quality issue, but they're still going to send those 100 shirts off as seconds.

The same applies for mattresses. Maybe there are a couple of dropped stitches in the seams - so what? You're going to have sheets and bedding atop it anyway, right?

"Mismatched sets" are just box springs and top mattresses that aren't the same colors or models. Again: you're just going to put sheets, a skirt, and bedding on top of it, so not even you will have to look at the different colors.

* Let your friends and family members know that you're in the market for new bedding. There are so many instances where a person buys a brand-new set, gets it home, and sleeps on it, only to discover that it's a nightmare for his or her body. If they can't return or exchange it, they'll be happy to sell it to somebody else.

* Ask about becoming a product tester. This probably won't work, but it will only take half a minute of your time. However, if it DOES work, you could receive a deep, DEEP discount on your next mattress set.

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