How To Save Money On Six Flags Tickets

Don't let high ticket prices stop you from enjoying a day at Six Flags - money-saving discounts are easy to find.

A day at Six Flags is always a fun time for everyone whether you're into Ferris wheels, water slides, or thrilling roller coasters. And with 29 parks in 15 states, you can visit the location that's most convenient for you. However, steep ticket prices can ruin your Six Flags trip before it's even started. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can save money on Six Flags tickets.

Pop Can Promotions

Before you throw away your next can of pop, take a close look at the side. During the spring and summer months, Six Flags offers "coupons" on certain pop cans. Bring the empty can with you to the front gate of the park, and you'll receive a discount on your ticket purchase. Coke, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew are the most common brands that offer this promotion.

If you don't usually drink the brand that currently offers a Six Flags ticket discount, ask friends and family to save their cans for you, or even buy a single can of pop at a convenience store. It's certainly worth spending 75 cents to save $10 off the cost of admission.

Pop can discounts are usually regional in nature, with the can only valid at a specific Six Flags location. If you're traveling more than a state or two away to visit Six Flags, you may not find any useful coupons at home. This is another good time to call on friends and family or visit a convenience store when you get closer to the park.

Discounted Tickets

Some organizations regularly offer discounted tickets to major theme parks. Credit unions and AAA are the most common source for this type of discount, but the tickets are only available to members. You can also check with your place of employment, local grocery stores, chambers of commerce, and any other organizations available to you that offer discounts on goods and services.


Gas stations, grocery stores and other businesses will sometimes run promotions that offer coupons for Six Flags tickets. Maybe you'll need to fill your tank with eight gallons of gas or spend $50 on groceries to receive a buy one ticket, get one free coupon. You never know who may offer a discount, so you'll need to keep your eyes open and ask around.

Group Rates

Gather a group and enjoy a day at Six Flags together to take advantage of special ticket prices. Discounts vary by park, but may be available for groups as small as ten. Whether you plan a senior class trip or a church social, think of the fun you'll have while saving money on each individual admission.

Season Passes

If you're planning to make multiple visits to the park, consider purchasing a season pass. If you visit frequently enough, you'll definitely save money over buying several tickets, and can also enjoy each visit at a leisurely pace, knowing that you'll return soon. Season passes come with special perks like in-park coupons and "bring a friend for free" days that add even more value to your purchase.

Six Flags Promotions

Check the Six Flags website or call an individual park for information on special events and promotions. For instance, for a limited time, tickets will be discounted if you pre-purchase them on the website.

Park Employment

If you'd like to combine your quest for cheap admission with a unique summer job, consider working at the Six Flags park of your choice. Application information is available on the Six Flags website.

With any form of ticket discount, pay close attention to expiration dates and any restrictions like "only valid Monday through Thursday" so that you're not disappointed on arrival. Now with so many options for saving money, you'll never have to miss out on the fun because of the cost of Six Flags tickets.

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