Saving Money: Cheap Books

Some simple and inexpensive places to shop for cheap books. Save yourself some money by buying your books from used books sellers.

If you are one of those dedicated readers that other people joke about, then you are well aware of the cost of buying books, and know from experience that the library doesn't always have what you want or need to read. For those individuals who find a book to be their best friend, here are some tips that will help cut the cost of new reading material down, and help keep you in books for another few days.

As an avid reader you already know that paperback editions are much cheaper than hardbound copies of the same book. If you prefer hardbound books you can find many good deals in the following places. Of course if you prefer paperbacks, you can stock up for an enjoyable evening of reading for a minimal amount.

Many used bookstores will give you a credit for your used books to be used towards purchases of other books in their store. This can be beneficial if you don't mind paying full price for the books to trade. Since they are out to make a profit they can't offer you full value for the book, usually half of the cover price. They usually won't accept books that are damaged, or show excessive wear so if you are looking for books to trade to them, check that the covers and pages are intact and in good condition.

Yard sales and flea markets are another good place to get books, many times they are less than a dollar. Your choices may be limited, but if you plan on trading them for others you should be able to find something that you can read, and eventually trade. Estate auctions are another good source of books, although you may find that the prices are a little higher, depending upon the types of books.

Thrift stores frequently have books that are inexpensive, but again they may not have many titles that appeal to you. Go ahead and look, you could always trade them for books that do appeal to you. A word of caution here, most used bookstores will not accept books that don't have their front covers, so if you come across a great deal on books with out the front cover insure it is something that you want to read.

Many communities have a library benefit group that sells used books to help raise money for more books for the public library. This can be a wonderful source, many times they books that are in excellent condition, and for very reasonable prices. The catch here is they are frequently not sorted, or alphabetized, so if you are looking for a specific author, or subject you may have to spend a great deal of time looking through stacks of books.

Another source of books would be to start or join a book exchange group. If you have a large number of used books and know others who have books that appeal to you then you can trade, or pass around the books to each other. A few notes here, make sure that everyone involved injects a few new titles each time you meet, otherwise you will find yourselves trying to trade the same few books month after month. You could also take any books that the entire group has finished with and exchange them at a used bookstore, for other titles that interest the group.

There are many ways to find books that are inexpensive and in good shape for your reading pleasure. You will have to keep your eyes open, and be prepared to pay for you choices then and thier, since they won't be around for long.

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