Saving Money On Groceries

Food is something we have to budget for each week. Here are some ways to save money when grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping is something all of us have to budget for each week. Here are some ways to save money when shopping.

1.) Use coupons. Every week in your Sunday paper, no matter what paper you get, there are always manufacturer's coupons in your paper. They may not seem like much - save 25 cents here, 35 cents there - but it all adds up in the end. Plus, some stores will have "double coupon days," where each of your coupons value will be doubled. When you're sitting at the table cutting these out, it won't seem like much. But when you actually get to the register and see the total bill dropping as the checkout person registers your coupons, you'll see just how valuable they can be.

2.) Check out prices at different stores in the area. You can do this by checking circulars that are usually in your Saturday or Sunday paper each week, or you can just shop at the different stores to try them out. You won't find

one store that has a lower price on absolutely everything you buy. Therefore, you can do one of two things: you can shop at more than one store and save every penny possible, though doing this is often a hassle for many can shop at the store that has the cheapest large items that you buy. For example, if eggs are 99 cents here and 89 cents there, you're talking a dime difference. But if chicken is $2.00 a pound here and $3.00 a pound there, you obviously would want to shop here to save more money.

3.) Buy in bulk. Many stores are becoming like wholesale clubs, providing a section of the store in which you can buy in bulk. If you drink a lot of pop, buy it in bulk if you can save a lot of money. Yes, you will be spending more money now since you're buying more, but in the long run, you're saving a lot of money. You obviously want to do this only on those foods that won't go bad for a long time.

4.) Buy in bulk with a friend or family member. If you and your sister live apart, but use the same products (which you probably do since you grew up in the same house), put your shopping lists together, buy in bulk, then split up the goods. This not only will save you money, but you can also take turns doing the shopping each week.

5.) Look for farmers markets each weekend for fruits and vegetables. If you live in or near the country, many farmers will often setup roadside stands in the summer with fresh fruits and vegetables. Since they are not going

through a middle man (the stores), you can often save a lot of money on all of your produce.

Food is something we need to budget for each week. Following these steps will help you stay within that budget, and possibly give you a little extra spending money when you're done shopping.

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