What To Say In An Anniversary Card

Reaching a personal milestone is an important achievement for most people. Send a celebratory card that commemorates this special occasion.

All of us know people who have persisted in a difficult situation and come through it successfully. Whether it be a demanding job or a difficult marriage, hanging in there is a virtue that invites admiration and respect. That is why we have anniversary parties, retirement awards, and recognition ceremonies.

If you are planning to send an anniversary card to someone who has reached a milestone in life, take a few moments to plan a special message that will enhance the card's meaning in sharing your warm wishes. While you may be able to buy a pretty card with a thoughtful verse or sentiment, why not add your own in a personal, handwritten message that will mean so much more to the reader?

First, choose a card that matches the person's (or couple's) personality. Don't send a teasing message to someone who is normally quite serious or you might be considered disrespectful. Be careful about sending sober, reflective messages to those who are normally more outgoing, as they may be perceived as your view of the recipient, which won't do if he or she is known as someone who likes to have fun.

Read the card's inside message as well as the cover to avoid choosing an inappropriate expression for the occasion. You don't want to send a message to "Mother" when the card is destined for a co-worker. Select phrasing that you will feel comfortable in complementing with your own words. The card should reflect your personality somewhat, too, so don't send one that is racy or religious and out of character for you.

Wait for a few quiet minutes to ponder your message before writing. If you have to hurry, chances are you may write something different than what you intended and regret it later. Give some thought to your relationship with the person, the occasion, and the future that awaits the recipient. You may want to practice writing your note on a piece of paper before attempting it on the card.

Comment specifically on the anniversary occasion. For example, if the card is for a 25h wedding anniversary, say so rather than a mere "Happy Anniversary." Add a few lines of your own thoughts or memories in the white space to the left of the card's printed message or above the signature area on the right side. Write small and neatly to avoid a crowded look that may run out of room as you write.

Congratulate the person for this special event. Reaching a job or relationship milestone means a lot to many people. Your card and message can underscore that accomplishment and make the reader feel appreciated. Think about the words that you might enjoy hearing from others when your turn comes, and share supportive thoughts in a like-minded manner. Some people relish the written word even more than a gift or a hug, so make your verbiage accurate, complete, and concise.

Writing a card should not be a simple, hurried matter. Take time to turn it into a special occasion that both sender and receiver will remember.

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