How to Scan & Fax Online

By Katherine Kally

  • Overview

    Online faxing is a convenient way to eliminate the need for additional office equipment in your home or business. You can send a fax online from any device with an Internet connection. Online faxing is very similar to sending an attachment in an email in that you can only send a document that is already listed as a file on your computer. If you plan to fax documentation that is not on your computer, you can easily scan it in.
    Internet Faxing
    • Step 1

      Set up an account with an Internet faxing company like Myfax, RingCentral, eFax or Callwave. Fees average around $10 per month depending on volume and your choice of other services. If you only send faxes to the United States or Canada, have no need to receive a fax, and don't mind having an ad placed on your cover page, you can fax online for free using Faxzero allows you to send up to two free faxes each day with a maximum of three pages each. Some of the other paid internet faxing services offer free trials for new customers, so you can try a variety to find the one that suits your needs.
    • Step 2

      Scan the document that you wish to fax into your computer. Depending on the software and the scanner you are using, the instructions for scanning may vary slightly. Basically, you will lay the document facedown on your scanner, close the scanner lid and press scan. Your scanning software on your computer should automatically open and take you through a series of steps. Follow the instructions until your document is scanned. If you are using Windows, your document scans into the folder called 'My Scans' which is part of the 'My Documents' folder. You can rename and reassign your documents to be part of any other folder on your computer, just remember where you put it.

    • Step 3

      Sign in to your account with the Internet faxing company. Click the link directing you to 'Send a fax' or something similar.
    • Step 4

      Type in the fax number where you are sending your document. You will be required to have a country code, area code and fax number. Internet faxing companies send faxes all over the world and even if you are sending a fax within your own country, you need a country code. Visit to locate any country code you may need.
    • Step 5

      Locate the document you plan to fax by clicking the 'Browse' button. Once you find the document on your computer, click 'Open.' Click 'Upload' or 'Attach,' whichever is indicated on the fax company's website.
    • Step 6

      Create a cover page by following the simple steps outlined on your faxing company's website. You will likely be typing your message into a text box.
    • Step 7

      Click 'Send' to send your fax to its destination. Your fax service provider will send you an email advising that your fax was sent or telling you that there was a problem and you need to resend it.
  • Skill: Easy
  • Ingredients:
  • Scanner
  • Document
  • Online fax service provider
  • Computer
  • Tip: Keep your scanned documents in the 'My Scans' folder, but rename each document appropriately. To rename a document, highlight the document, right click and then choose 'Rename.'
  • Warning:
  • If a cover page is not necessary, don't send one as it will count as part of your monthly page count total.

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