Scented Christmas Spice Recipe

Great Holiday project for children and adults. Use this scented Christmas spice recie for a jar of spice that is great in hot tea or on casseroles and other baking dishes.

Around the Holidays when you are trying to come up with new ideas for gifts that your kids can make for their teachers at school, or church, or family and friends, it can be a pretty exhausting matter. Particularly if you have several children that range in ages and attend different activities and social events. It is especially hard if you are not sure of that person's tastes.

However, whether or not you know people that have a love of spices and baking, this idea could be perfect for you and your little ones.

This Christmas spice is made from a variety of spices placed in a mason quart jar, or other container with a sealable lid on it.

You can even decorate the jars with paint, ribbons, bells, or anything else that your heart desires.

This project is especially easy for young children, most of which can be done without a lot of supervision.

It is sure to please everyone, especially Grandma, knowing it was made just for them.


Christmas Spice

Items Needed:

Orange spice

Lemon Spice






Cinnamon Sugar

Mason jar with Lid

Any other spices you might like (optional)

Lace Doily (optional)

Cross-stitched design (optional)

Ribbon (optional)

Bell (optional)

Glue (optional)

Miscellaneous craft supplies (optional)


Wash jar thoroughly. Allow overnight to dry.

Open spices up. Have kids spoon spices into glass jar.

Now, they can spoon in one flavor at a time and layer the spices. This is very attractive and sure to please everyone.

Have kids mix a spoonful of each spice in a bowl and pour mixture into jar. The flavor from each spice blends together to create a fragrance all its own.

These spices are a great addition to a cup of hot tea, or when added to casseroles or other baking dishes.

To make gift more attractive, add a lace doily, crostitched design, or attach other festive fabric to lid of mason jar. After attaching, place rim over lid and designed fabric and twist it shut tightly.

You can also wrap a ribbon around neck of jar displaying a bell, holly leaves, berries, or other items of your choice.

These spice jars make great gifts.

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