Scholarship Application Guidelines

Guidlines for scholarship application essays and what a selction committiee is looking for an application essay.

When applying for any type of scholarship, candidates are expected to write an essay detailing certain aspects of their personality, goals and achievements and their relation to the scholarship for which they are applying. Application essays present you with an opportunity to give members of a selection committee a sense of who you are and to convince them that your goals and strengths closely match the stated purposes of a specific scholarship. The organization of this type of essay is all up to you but it is most important that the following are adhered to when writing this most important essay:

1. Emphasize the ways in which the scholarship is the best opportunity to further your personal and professional goals. You need to be able to effectively include the scholarship into your life plans, showing that it builds upon past experiences and will contribute to further achievements.

2. State effectively your motivations for pursuing the type of study the scholarship is for; for example, graduate studies.

3. Emphasize your qualifications for the scholarship, always having in mind those qualifications mentioned by the scholarship. Bring into focus those qualifications, which are not immediately evident from an academic transcript. In identifying these aspects of your non-academic career and qualifications also remember to explain how these distinctive achievements have prepared you to take advantage of the scholarship.

4. Members of a selection committee of any scholarship want to identify and read the "you" in your essay. As such, the essay should have a strong sense of individuality and personality. This is most important as it will often persuade your reader to want to meet you and to get to know you better.

In order to effectively write an application essay you should start early and let it not be a last minute rush to meet the stated deadline. The time and effort spent will be most valuable as you will begin to clarify your goals and gain confidence in your ability to attain them.

Secondly, revise your essay often, also asking others for help, such as your parents, friends and relatives. Having others critique your work will help in providing a more polished and convincing presentation.

Thirdly, always remember to eliminate errors such as that of grammar and spelling. These often go unseen, however, will not be accepted by those reading it.

Fourthly, stick to whatever word limit is given. Type the essay, rather than writing it.

Fifth, and finally, anticipate the deadline for the essay and mail in applications or hand them in early, therefore begin the essay writing as early as possible.

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