School Locker Ideas

By Renee Miller

  • Overview

    Your locker doesn't have to be a boring, functional necessity. It can be an extension of your unique personality. If you want your locker to express who you are and reflect your personal taste, follow these steps to make decorating your locker fun, effortless and inexpensive.
    • Step 1

      Keep it functional. As much as you want to have fun decorating your locker, you don't want to get so carried away that you forget to keep it real. Lockers have a purpose. Keep that in mind when jazzing up your space. This way you are less prone to lose important assignments.
    • Step 2

      Express yourself. The best school locker ideas begin with you. If you're into sports, allow your locker to reflect your love of the game. Sport pendants affix easily to the walls of a locker without taking up too much space. A tennis racquet can be hung with ease. Are you a chess champ? Pick up an inexpensive, magnetic travel set at a dollar store, then use magnetic tape to attach it to the side wall of your locker. You can enjoy challenging your locker neighbor to a game that could last all year.
    • Step 3

      Invest in magnetic products. These can be found at your local stores for under $5. From mirrors to pen caddies to picture frames, these magnetic props will prove invaluable to you, especially when you're racing to beat the bell in between classes.
    • Step 4

      Have fun with themes. This is a fun school locker idea that will break up the monotony of long spells between breaks. At Christmas, line your locker walls with wrapping paper. Grab a cheap box of Valentine's Day cards and tape them inside the door of your locker. Similar ideas can be used for school spirit week with cheap pom pons and school ribbons.
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