All About Schwinn Bicycles: Parts And Accessories

Schwinn has been making bikes for many years, and now they've added dozens of items to their list of available accessories, too.

Since 1895, Schwinn has been making some of the most recognized names in bicycling. And, the rides just keep getting better as the years go by, continuing to make Schwinn a name which is recognized the world over. The 2005 road models, for instance, feature semi-sloping frames for extra comfort and light-up tube sets for additional safety, whereas the mountain bikes has suspension forks for better handling of bumpy terrain and ergonomic grips for more comfort. They even have a cruiser series which takes you back to yesteryear with body features that remind you of days gone by. These classics have the older-model frames along with whitewall tires and two-tone paint jobs. Even the tandem is still manufactured by Schwinn, for riding double. And, the kids' bikes are so durable that many make it to see another generation of rider. Many of the newer models have the latest features found on today's bikes, like smooth-welded aluminum with carbon fiber top tube, down tubes, seat stays and chain stays and are super light and built to absorb road shock and vibrations. Other standard features include non-slip pedals, chain guard, stainless steel spokes, adjustable stem and alloy suspension seats.

When riding a Schwinn, they recommend that you wear a biking helmet, which are available at their stores or online. The helmets are the latest in comfort and safety, with mesh padding, cooling vents and rugged exteriors. Cycling gloves are a must when traveling distances or performing tricks and Schwinn offers kids' and adults' gloves in half-finger and full-finger selections. If you travel with your bike, Schwinn sells bike racks for vehicles and some models can accommodate up to 4 bikes. While you're riding, you'll need a place to store some personal items, so your choice of bike bags that attach to handles or seat are available. The storage bags can also be used for keeping a few emergency bike repair items such as lube, tire sealant and small tool kit and Schwinn will provide these for you. And in case of a flat, Schwinn offers not only tire repair kits, but bicycle pumps, too. And every bicycler needs to take a water source along, so you can choose from several different water bottles with "cage" that fastens to the bike and holds the bottle until you need it.

The seat on any bike must be comfortable, so Schwinn offers you a choice of "saddles" from ergonomic, to gel to kids' designs. If you love your bike, you'll want to keep it locked up when not in use, so be sure and check out the cable lock sets for securing your bike to any stationary object. In fact, Schwinn has a variety of items to keep your bike safe, and the rider safe, too. Mirrors for seeing what's behind you, gauges to tell you how fast you're going, and lights to allow others to easily spot you, are just some of the extra features provided by this company. When it comes to lights, they've thought of everything: seat lights, pedal lights and even generator lights so your light source never stops. Horns, hand grips and bells should complete your package, but there's even more. No bike is complete without a 12-function computer which indicates your current speed, tells you your average speed, and gives you your trip distance, total distance and ride time, not to mention a functional clock. And for kids, there are attention-grabbing streamers and a turbo-blaster for screaming siren sounds.

It used to be something spectacular to own a Schwinn, and with all the new technology and latest features, it still is. Check with your nearest dealer or go online to see all the latest in Schwinn models, accessories and options for today's enthusiastic riders.

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