Scrapbooking On A Budget

Learn how to fit scrapbooking into your budget with these money saving ideas!

Scrapbooking is a popular craft, but all scrapbookers know that it can be expensive. Most hobbies in which you participate will require some monetary investment, the same applies to scrapping. But you can enjoy scrapbooking without spending a lot of money if you learn a few budget saving tips. There is no need to buy every scrapbooking tool, magazine and new gadget on the market. Just start with a few basic supplies, a good scrapbooking buddy and a few creative ideas.

One of the most economical things you can do is to find a scrapbooking partner. You can share supplies and tools, which will help you both and save you both money. Your friend probably has different templates and gadgets than you do. You can get together and share your supplies, giving each of you twice as many. Plus, you can share great layout ideas.

If you have extra Christmas decorations and your friend has left over birthday decorations, don't let them sit around and gather dust, trade! The same thing applies to scrapbooking magazines and books. If you each buy a different magazine and swap when you have finished reading them, you can save money on magazine and book subscriptions. Sharing is also a great way to try new items. Make an agreement for each of you to buy one new item each month and try them out when you get together. You will each get to try two new items instead of one.

Don't spend a lot of money on stickers, die-cuts and page toppers. Save those for special page layouts. For the majority of your layouts, try various matting techniques to add variety to your pages. Instead of buying page toppers, you can easily create your own. You can print out phrases and sayings on acid free paper. Buy one die-cut that you could use in several different layouts and trace it. Lay it on a piece of cardstock, trace it lightly with a pencil and then cut it out. It is much more economical to use several sheets of cardstock and do your own creating that to buy several die-cuts and packages of stickers.

You can also purchase stamps or punches that could be used in many different layouts. You can find them in just about every imaginable image. If you do a lot of layouts with children, consider purchasing stamps or punches of teddy bears, butterflies and balloons. You can add the stamps or punches to a variety of layouts, creating many unique looks.

Don't buy a lot of fancy gadgets. When you are just getting started, buy a few necessities, one or two decorative cut scissors that can be used frequently will suffice. The deckle cut, stamp cut and pinking cut are a few that work well in many layouts. Don't waste money on circle and oval cutters. Find items around the house that you can trace and then cut. It works just as well. You can also trace cookie cutters and pages out of coloring books for some cute ideas.

The more you work on your scrapbooks, you will find many other ways to save money. Scrapbooking doesn't have to cost a lot to be fun!

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