Scrapbooking Checklist: Basic Supplies Needed

Want to start scrapbooking? Here is a list of some basic supplies and tools you will need.

It seems that everywhere you turn, there are scrapbooks and scrapbookers galore. Nowadays, it is hard not to find somebody who has been turned onto the art of scrapbooking. Scrapbooking takes storing and displaying photographs to an entirely different level. Long gone are the albums with plastic inserts and semi-adhesive pages that simply displayed three photographs to a page. Instead, scrapbooks are empty pages ready to be filled with one's photographs, journal entries and designs. Each page is a work of art and your family and photographs are the stars. Before you begin your journey with scrapbooking, however, you must invest in several basic supplies.

* First and foremost is the scrapbook itself. Do not be fooled into thinking that every scrapbook on the market is good enough to hold your pictures. If you want your photographs to last for generations to come, the scrapbook you choose must be both acid- and lignin-free. This is an extremely important distinction you need to make when choosing all scrapbooks, paper and embellishments. Most paper on the market contains acid in some form or another. If you place a photograph on paper that contains acid, it will slowly begin to fade and damage your photos over time. In addition, lignin, which is found in many paper products, eventually breaks down, also becoming acidic. If at all possible choose a scrapbook that allows you to easily add extra scrapbook pages into it, in case you need more room. Scrapbooks come in many different sizes, so choose one that will fit your situation.

* Invest in some page protectors for your scrapbook pages. This will keep your photographs and embellishments intact, as well as offer extra protection against accidents like water spills.

* Get some sharp scissors that will be used only for scrapbooking so you can crop your pictures and cut out decorations from other specialty papers.

* At most major craft stores, you can buy acid- and lignin-free card stock and specialty papers. These pieces of card stock and specialty papers can be used in various ways throughout your scrapbook. You can create fun or fancy borders out of them or different embellishments. You can also create frames and borders for your different photographs by simply cutting out a piece of card stock that is slightly larger than your photograph and pasting your photograph right in the center of it.

* There are several different types of adhesives available for scrapbooking. Be sure to look for an adhesive that is both safe and strong for your scrapbook pages. These adhesives come in several forms from sticks to tapes.

* The fun part of scrapbooking are the different embellishments you can add to your pages to make them come alive. These embellishments include, but are not limited to, stickers, die-cuts, metal brads and stamps. Again, be sure the embellishments you invest in are acid- and lignin-free.

* Invest in some pens (that are safe for your pages) so that you can use them for journal entries. One of the main factors that sets basic photograph displays apart from scrapbooking is the use of journal entries. Instead of just slapping a picture onto a page, the scrapbooker comments on each picture, writing out the who, what, when, where and why of a photo. This makes the scrapbook much more special, since it records your feelings and thoughts, as well as a visual memory.

* Finally, you will need your organized photographs. Go through your photos and sort them based on event or holiday or chronologically. This will make your scrapbooking easier in the long run.

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