Scrapbooking Layout Ideas: Baby's First Week

Your baby's first week of life is full of

Your baby has finally arrived after months of preparation and anxious waiting. The nursery is all set up and you have all of the essentials. You've already started your baby's scrapbook by putting in photos from your baby showers and photos of yourself as your body changed. Now you want to document your baby's first week of life, but how do you do it and where should you start?

The first thing you will want to do is gather all of your materials, including photos and other items. For example, you will definitely want all of the photos that were taken at the hospital during your labor and delivery (if you have any) as well as any ultrasound photos you have. Some other ideas of first-week photos include baby's first smile, first bath, first hepatitis shot (one of the first shots your baby will need to get that first week), first ride in the car seat, first meeting with her grandparents or siblings, first outing to the grocery store or mall, first outfit, first feeding and first night at home. Other items you may want to include would be a sheet of your labor contraction monitor print out (many hospitals need to keep these for their records, but some will let you take a sheet or two), your and your baby's hospital bands, the sign that was on your baby's hospital nursery bed and the copy of your baby's first footprints and photo that your hospital will probably provide. Put all of these items and photos in chronological order.

While everything is still fresh on your mind, write out small journal entries about the experience at the hospital as you remember it. Have your husband and relatives give their perspectives on the whole birth, so you can write these down as well. Keep details on the different photos you take as well as special events that occur that first week (for example, little mannerisms your baby may have that resemble your own or your husband's). These are the things you will want to remember later on.

If you go to a crafts store or scrapbook store, you will find a plethora of baby-related stickers, die-cuts and enhancements. You may even find some baby layouts that have been pre-printed for your convenience. A possible layout possibility for your baby's footprint may be to put the footprint and an actual photo of your baby's foot on the same page. The borders can be small footprint stickers that you stick to the perimeter.

Since your baby will be doing a lot of sleeping, you can make one layout centered on dreams and sleepy time. For example, you can draw clouds, or use a pre-printed cloud background and then tape a picture of your baby in the center. Write a small prayer for her underneath or perhaps you can use some of the words from the popular sleepy time book, "Goodnight , Moon."

If your baby resembles you or your husband more, use one scrapbook page to show the resemblance. Paste your picture (or your husband's) side by side with your baby's and write a small entry about the similarities. Or put your baby's photo in the center surrounded by both your baby picture AND your husband's and then draw lines to each picture that show whose lips she got and whose ears and whose eye shape.

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