Free Scrapbooking Layout Ideas: Baseball Themes

Whether you play baseball or you are just an avid fan, collect your clippings and prepare to create the ultimate scrapbook!

Creating a scrapbook leaves an infinite number of possibilities for the ultimate outcome of the book's design, but with some careful contemplation and creative thinking, a unique and fabulous book of memories can be yours. Below are a number of suggestions for taking your baseball theme to the top, but use your own ideas to make a festive and fascinating baseball scrapbook.

1. Collect baseball related items to place in your scrapbook. Great examples include memorabilia from games, ticket stubs, baseball cards, bubble gum wrappers, and of course, photos you have taken of yourself, friends and family attending the games. Be sure to get a picture of the stadium from afar and a few closer shots to include with your memories. Get the team mascot on film, too, if you are close enough.

2. Be on the lookout for baseball-theme die cuts, or small and colorful cutouts of baseball players, mitts, bats, baseballs and so forth. The small adornments will look great in the corners of your scrapbook pages and also scattered about.

3. Get creative with stickers! With hundreds of brands and countless options to choose from, dressing up your scrapbook has never been easier. Choose from itty-bitty stickers to prismatic ones, puffy ones, holographic ones, fuzzy ones, scratch-and-sniff ones and more. The possibilities are endless when you begin your search for the perfect stickers.

4. Search for free baseball images online, download the graphics and print them out for a nice supplement to your photographs. While searching, you may want to look up a few baseball jokes or quotes to make your scrapbook pages come alive.

5. Using your own creative artistry, paint, draw, sketch or design your own baseball art and dress up the pages as you like. Use charcoals or pastels for baseball players or scenes, or try paints on paper or other lightweight surfaces such as canvas.

6. Scour the newspapers for comic strips that address baseball and clip them out to add a little more variety to your scrapbook. While you're at it, check the sports sections to see if anything strikes your fancy.

7. Dig out your old magazines, and those that your family members have long ago discarded. Search for key words and phrases that deal with baseball and for images or quotes as well. As a worst case scenario, clip out words done in fonts that you like and cut each individual letter so that you can craft your own amusing and appropriate quotes and sayings.

8. Find some old material and trace baseball, catcher's mitt, peanut and popcorn and uniform designs on the material with a marker or pencil. Carefully cut out the designs and work on them so they are no longer rough around the edges. Space them out on the pages of your scrapbook so that you get a good variety of designs and patterns throughout the pages.

9. Do not forget to include any autographs or scraps from pompoms, pages from programs, rosters, schedules and so forth. Anything that relates to the game and reminds you of your experiences belongs in the scrapbook.

10. If you play baseball, consider asking your teammates to write you special messages that you can include with your memories. Be sure to take a lot of pictures at your final couple of games - a full team shot, a few of you by yourself, some with your closest friends - and do not forget about your coach!

11. Remember to swap photos with friends and family members, as the pictures you have taken will vary on some level from the ones taken by others who are close to you.

12. As far as individual page layout goes, you may want to consider designing a few "specialty" pages. Using construction paper or artwork you create yourself, think about making a baseball diamond with the bases being tiny frames for small pictures of players - friends of yours, or the actual athletes who hold those positions. Another idea would be to make a stadium type background with oil paints, pastels or other craft supplies, and add a few pictures of friends or family members in the stands.

Whatever you decide to do with your baseball scrapbook, you can bet your friends and family will be happy to be a part of it, and you will no doubt be glad to have it years down the road. As you collect your supplies, do not forget the glue and scissors. Gather craft supplies and quotes and jokes until you are ready to actually put the book together, so that when you do sit down to create the memory book, you will have all of your supplies and adornments at your disposal. Create the perfect album and do it all over again next year!

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