Free Scrapbooking Layout Ideas: Christening Themes

These free scrapbooking layout christening themes are as beautiful as they come, but are easy enough for a beginner.


This monochromatic page is the most graceful and elegant way to present a beautiful shot of a baby in a christening gown.

You will need:

- A good shot, fairly close-up, of the baby

- Off-white cardstock

- Off-white textured or monochromatic patterned paper

- 2 yards of craft pearls on a string (half-pearls work best)

- A fancy lettering template

- A paper clip

- 4 cross die-cuts or paper punches

- Scissors or craft knife

- A glue stick or photo mounting tape

- Clear scrapbooking glue pen

Take the baby's photo and matte it on the off-white paper. Place it off-center on the page, so that it is in the middle, but 2/3 of the way up, leaving the bottom for the lettering. Mark where it will go, and put the matted photo aside.

Take the off-white cardstock, the letter template, and the paper clip. On the bottom third of the paper, under the place where the photo will go, you will write "(Name)'s Christening." To do this, Lay the first letter in the template where you want it on the cardstock, and carefully turn the paper and the template over. Make sure the template does not move on the paper, or your lettering will be crooked or off-center. Take the paper clip and gently press on the back of the cardstock, over the letter you want. You will begin to see the indent in the cardstock of the letter. Go over it gently so that it is crisp and clear, without tearing the page.

When you turn the paper over, you will see that you have just embossed the letter. Place the next letter on the cardstock in the spot that you want it, turn it over, and repeat the process. Do this until you have spelled out, "(name)'s Christening."

Take the matted photo. Place it on the page where you pre-marked its spot, and adhere it with glue or photo-mounting tape.

Use the pearls to make a border around the entire page. Affix them with clear, archival safe scrapbooking glue. A glue stick won't work well for this, and mounting tape will be seen on the sides of the pearl string, so clear glue is your best bet.

Use the remaining pearl string to make a border around the baby's photo.

Mount the crosses in the corners, inside of the pearl string border.


This layout will feature the baby and his Godparent(s).

You will need:

- Photo of baby and Godparent(s)

- Blue sky patterned paper

- Green grass patterned paper

- Brown scrap paper

- Yellow scrap paper

- Coordinating paper for matte

- Circle template or compass

- Gold or silver cross die-cut

- Gold or silver paint pen (medium or thick tip)

- Gold or silver metallic opaque marker (fine-tipped)

- Scissors or craft knife

- glue stick or photo mounting tape

Set aside your sky patterned paper. Take your green paper and cut it 3 to 4 inches from the bottom, all the way across, making very slight hills. It doesn't have to be perfect, nor do you need a template.

Take the green paper and lay it on the bottom of the blue sky paper. The corners at the bottom should meet. You page should look like a grassy field under a blue sky. Don't glue anything yet.

Take your brown scrap paper. Cut an S-shaped road that will go onto the green paper, as if cutting across the field. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect. It should, however, be wider at the bottom and taper, until the top is just a point. This will give it the illusion of distance, as if the road were getting smaller the farther it gets from you.

Take the yellow paper and, using a circle template or compass, make a circle, approximately 2" in diameter. Place this circle at the "end of the road," slightly below the surface of the green hills. It should appear like a sun setting beyond the horizon.

Take your cross die-cut or paper punch, and put it, too, at the end of the road, centered in the circle, and the bottom tip just meeting or under the green. It should now look like a road cutting through the field, leading to a large cross in the distance that the sun is setting behind.

Once you have this all set up, use a pencil to mark the placement of each element on the page. Then, begin to glue or tape the elements in place.

Take your choice of coordinating matting paper and matte the photo of the child and Godparent(s). Use decorative edge scissors, if you wish, to embellish the matte. Affix the matted photo to the upper left or right side of the page (depending on what looks better with your particular photo).

Take your leftover matting paper, and cut out a square or rectangle journaling tag, large enough for you to write on it, " Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6)." Use the fine-tip marker to write this, or another favorite saying.

Next to the matted photo, use the silver or gold paint pen to write, "Godparent," or, if you prefer, "Godmother," or "Godfather." Affix the journaling tag right beneath the word.

Use the paint pen to create "rays" coming from the cross. Simply make lines, drawing them from near the cross, outward.


This is a more fun, cute layout for a baby.

You will need:

- A head shot of the baby

- A pastel background paper (lavender, mint green, light blue or pink)

- A pastel matting paper, coordinating

- Gold metallic paper

- Angel paper punch

- Oval templates

- Gold metallic opaque marker

- Scissors

- Glue stick or photo mounting tape

Take the angle paper and punch a border of angels completely around the page.

Take the gold metallic paper and cut it into strips, wider than the angels. Set aside the scrap. Glue the strips behind the paper, so the gold shines through the punch-outs and the angels all appear gold.

Crop the baby's photo tightly around the baby. Matte the baby's photo on the coordinating paper. Place it on the center of the page.

Take the oval template and place it on the remaining gold paper. Make one oval that is slightly wider than the baby's head. Make another oval around that, slightly larger than the first. Cut along the lines you've marked, and you will have a gold oval- a halo.

Place the halo above the baby's head, experimenting with placement until you are satisfied (tilted looks cute). Affix it with a glue stick or mounting tape.

Write the caption, "Babies are Angels on Earth," beneath the photo with the gold metallic opaque pen. Note the baby's name, and date of the christening.

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