Free Scrapbooking Layout Ideas: Football Themes

If you are a football fan, include some of your favorite football moments in your scrapbook. Here are some layout ideas to get you started.


This is a great layout to display your young athletes on the field.

You will need:

1 sheet of green cardstock

1 sheet of white cardstock

Die cut numbers or number template

A medium or large brown football die cut

Scissors or craft knife

Glue stick

An opaque marker

Take white cardstock and cut several straight strips, approximately 1/8 of an inch wide. These are going to be your yard lines. If you are using number templates, make and cut out white numbers for the yard lines: 10, 20, 30, 40, etc., depending on how many strips you are using.

Lay the white strips horizontally, across the green cardstock. Space them evenly, each a couple of inches apart. Use a glue stick to adhere them to the green background.

Turn the green paper once to the right, so that the lines are all vertical. Place your numbers at the bottom near each line in succession, allowing one line to come between each two-digit number. Adhere the numbers with a glue stick.

Take the photos of your child or team, and crop them closely around the bodies, cutting away any background.

Turn the paper back so that the lines are horizontal again.

Take the cropped photos and football die cut. Lay them on the "field" and arrange them until you are satisfied with their placement.

Take the football die cut and the opaque pen. Do your journaling on the football, naming the event, time, place, people, and any other details you wish to add. Put it back into place and affix it to the page with a glue stick.

Glue the cropped photos into place with the glue stick.


Commemorate the reaction of football fans at the stadium when your favorite team wins the big game. This can make one good page, or a nice two-page layout.

You will need:

A local newspaper sport's page (featuring your team in the headlines)

Game Tickets

Acid neutralizing spray

Cardstock in your team's colors

Scissors or craft knife.

Glue stick

Die cut banner

marker pen

Choose one of your team's colors to be the background, and the other(s) to be the accent colors for page borders and mattes.

Take the newspaper headlines. If the headline is too big to fit on your page, photo copy the article and reduce the size. If you are using the newspaper directly, or non-archival safe copy paper, spray it with the acid neutralizing spray. Also spray the tickets, and any other paper mementoes that are not acid free.

Glue the article to the background paper. It should be almost as big, with the headline featured across the top of the page as your page title banner. If the article is longer than the page, you can trim the rest away; it will only serve as a background, the only feature you really want to be prominent is the headline.

Take your photos of you and your friends cheering at the game, and of your team celebrating their victory on the field. Matte your photos on your accent color. If you like, cut page border strips out of the accent colors and affix them to the edges of the background paper.

Arrange the matted photos and tickets under the headlines, and some on a second page if you are doing a two-page layout. Use the banner die cut for any journaling. Arrange the elements on the page until you are satisfied. Affix them with glue.


If you are having or going to a super bowl party, take photos of everyone snacking and goofing off at half-time.

You will need:

Cardstock in your team's colors

Yellow card stock

A large football die cut

A marker pen

A gift tag with your team logo (available at many scrapbook websites)

Die cut letters

Small Star paper punch


glue stick

Choose your background color and an accent color for matting photos. Matte your photos on your accent color. Use the star punch to punch stars out of the corners, or as a border around the mattes. Affix the matte to the yellow cardstock and trim around it so that the yellow can only be seen through the punch cuts, making the stars yellow.

Take your football die cut and use it for journaling. Write the time, place, game, and the names of those in attendance.

Use your die-cut letters to spell out, "Half Time Party," or your preferred title, across the top of the background paper. Arrange your matted photos, team logo tag, and football die cut on the page. Attach them with glue when satisfied with their arrangement.

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